Micromax Canvas Knight 2 E471

Micromax Canvas Knight 2 E471

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  • Nibss

Anonymous, 11 May 2016Micromax owner make this phone I think after engagement of South... moreCorrect lol of dialing issues.

  • Anonymous

Dialling issue's ........ Too bad phone ......

  • Anonymous

Micromax owner make this phone I think after engagement of South Indian actress. And in hurry make this stupid phone
Which can't allowed me to dial a single phone call .and hang problem . poor RAM management. And as usual snapdragon 615 heating issue.camera very laggy .sound poor . call quality worst. But only display is which I like most . waste of money . it's a garbage micromax bring it from China .

  • AnonD-496754

bitu yumzz, 05 May 2016Worst phone ever!!!! Total waste of money with heating up probl... moreI second u..my earphones stopped working after 5 months..battery drains very rapidly.. have to charge the phone multiple times in a day..dialer issue..and so many..and guess what they wont accept ur phn without imei Sticker behind the phone which i did not get..even in warranty.. i twitted on their twitter account and they dont care even to reply me..dis mobile is just a piece of garbage..sound quality is LoL..

  • bitu yumzz

Worst phone ever!!!! Total waste of money with heating up problem, dailer problem, multiple hangs, worst software ever with the fake update of 193mb and most imp. Micromax is such a company with worst service centre:once i took my earphone(one side wasnt working) they said it'll take 10days to replace(coz i was under warranty) after 10days they gave me a duplicate handphone and the quality was like oh ghost i would prefer to buy those selling by the roadside n moreover the handphone wasnt supported on my device yuck!! They extended another 7days for that so i told them to keep it coz i cant waste my time again n again and lastly but not the least battery is even poor i charge 100% in the morning n kept my phone idle for the whole day n when i check my battery its drop down to 70%,65% whatsoever(you might think i may ve lots of apps running background) nope i ve flipkart, clash of clan, uber cabs and chrome thats all so i suggest make a wise decision dont buy this crap.

  • AnonD-496754

Yeah same pblm..the dialer stops responding.. sometimes it takes 15 mins to make a call..went to service center in Mulund as my friend with same mobile had display issue..they are not accepting the phone as they same imei Sticker is not present in her phone..went with bill,warranty card,mobile bix..they are nerds 4 sure..

  • AnonD-532719

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2016Dial problem...... Me too.....I am also facing dialer problems....please look into it....

  • Anonymous

Dial problem......

  • Devang

Gujrati not supported....... Help less handset n pls please new upgrade verson i hope..... . Support gujrati in my micromax handset...... .

  • ram

I have a purchased a phone canvas gold after 8 months it switch of and it is never switch on . I summit this phone to care center but after three month they replace it in Kinght 2 E471 .this phone work properly about 4 month after four month its display has gone. micromax is very poor company .

  • ram

micromax mobile company is a tiffin and lunch box company but it is not a mobile company they will stop their products your company is very poor quality .

  • AnonD-529070

Unable to find mirror effect on front camera on E471. Pls help!!

  • Anonymous

I am unable to find the mirror effect on front camera. Pls help

  • HARI

Already replaced once. The second phone went off road after 20 days. Deposited with service centre. No solution. May be the worst smart phone available in market. It is not a phone, rather an oven. V can use it for making chappatis. It heats up so high. DO NOT BUY AT ALL.

  • Anonymous

very bad always hangs up. do not buy this.....

  • AKKI

its just a wastage of money calling problem and heat up is the main problem

  • Ritesh

This phone was replaced by Micromax Service Center bcoz of having problems in Canvas Knight 1.
It get overheated so much that cannot touch to ear during a call.
Software Sucks Totally....for calling need to try 4-5 times, then to wait 5 seconds for hearing voice feom other person...not able to track location...anx lots more..
Don't ever buy MICROMAX...

  • Saurabh

Help me in solving call problem.whenever i dial number it doesnot work sometimes.

  • anwar

It over over heats

  • Anonymous

Worst phone ever!! DON'T EVER BUY IT... Software is worst....