Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 E313

Micromax Canvas Xpress 2 E313

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  • Pintu

AnonD-462561, 05 Nov 2015Solution: Settings>apps>all>contacts>now clear data ... moreMy phone system update

  • AnonD-577749

Battery life is very poor
Lolipop not working good
Kitkat OK

  • Anonymous

A kumar, 02 Aug 2016I used it around 11 month..... and major problem in lollipop, Wi... moreUr phn's got inbuilt kitkat or lollipop

  • Aditya

This phone one problem wifi problem.

  • anu

Dhanapal R, 04 Aug 2016No, cannot move your files to SD card until you root your phone.... moreThe problem is not having your mobile, this is problem of your memory card ie having virus in your memory card

  • Bindu

battery not fair

  • Anonymous

Kbansal, 04 Nov 2015Bro i have xpress 2, can u tell me how many space it will be tak... moreUpdate your phone and you'll see drastic performance update. Every one should update their os and lollipop is a light and good android. I was facing issues like battery drain fast, sometimes heating, lagging, but after update from kitkat to lollipop my phone runs smooth and yes lollipop takes more space then KitKat.

  • Anonymous

This is a very good phone and it is a great phone i ever had


it handset is very nice ,because every feturs include in mobile so it is fone good, so i suggest each person buy the mobile,and so i tell all person purchase it fhone so pls do you fast

  • roni

this phone is great phone

  • AnonD-570099

Battery is too bad....rest of things OK


Superb phone this
No Hanging No issues No damageness
This phone capable 24 applications at a time without any problem
Some battery backup need to up................battery capacity need to increase

  • pal

Phone is good but bad part of this phone is we can't move app to SD card......

  • Anonymous

Very very poor battery service. Improvement of battery technology is require very soon.

  • ragu

Mic problems

  • Dhanapal R

Ayesh, 28 Jul 2016Internal memory was full cant move sd card to appNo, cannot move your files to SD card until you root your phone. But don't think even about to root your phone its too difficult to rooy . so don't try.

  • avi barman

Baterry not large first 4 month good but before bad and very slow phone

  • Anirudhya

Very good handset !

  • A kumar

I used it around 11 month..... and major problem in lollipop, WiFi is not connected automatically when u reenter in your wifi network. And system clock may miss behave.

You should back to kitkat through service center.
Lollipop reduce around 700mb of your internal storage.

Overall with basic apps the phone is good. And battery backup is really nice even after 11 months.

Video quality is awesome. And the display light is soft to your eyes. But display brightness is not low in comparison to other phone that's why in night you may get irritate while you use it first time.

Everything is ok.

Asphalt 8..... playing cool

And 2nd Handset price maybe between 2500 to 4000 according its condition.

  • A kumar

santhosh, 18 Jul 2016just reboot ur phone back to kitkat otherwise turn on hotspot then turn ot off.... so wifi will be connected.