Micromax Infinity N12

Micromax Infinity N12

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  • Fate tudu
  • DkC
  • 24 Oct 2022

Abhishek, 06 Jun 2021Very Good Answer........Good mobile

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    • Abhishek
    • Dkt
    • 06 Jun 2021

    Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020Using the same design isn't called ripping off I me... moreVery Good Answer........

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      • Anonymous
      • iia
      • 06 Dec 2020

      they definitely didnt steal the iphone x's wallpaper

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        • Anonymous
        • ucy
        • 27 Sep 2020

        Anonymous, 17 Sep 2020Using the same design isn't called ripping off I me... moreAnd fun fact: Apple didn't invent the notch, the esential phones did

        On the subject of notches, looking at what Apple normally does, it looks like FaceID won't be going away for a long while. So unless they pack it into a smaller area, Apple has to go under the display - AKA no more LCDs. In-display cameras and notches would be the only way the notch can disappear.

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          • Anonymous
          • ucy
          • 17 Sep 2020

          wow gamer, 06 Sep 2020It’s just an iPhone X ripoff look at the notch and wallpape... moreUsing the same design isn't called ripping off

          I mean is it fair to say Airbus ripped off Boeing? Or that only one company can build any type of product? Notches are not exclusive to the iPhone. Anyways I expect literally nobody to buy this phone so yeah.

            It’s just an iPhone X ripoff look at the notch and wallpaper and it even has a huge chin to reveal it’s a fake which iPhone doesn’t have.

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              • Adul Al Salami Kebab
              • nrX
              • 18 Aug 2020

              iPhone Stupid, 30 Mar 2020iphone x rip-offSuch accusations! O3O

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                • crabster
                • NU@
                • 18 Aug 2020

                Anonymous, 27 Jul 2020I wonder where ive seen that wallpaper before? Hmmmmmits from iphone x

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                  • ytyt
                  • NU@
                  • 17 Aug 2020

                  Anmol, 15 Mar 2020Best phone from micromaxi woldnt agree...

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                    • Anonymous
                    • t@S
                    • 27 Jul 2020

                    I wonder where ive seen that wallpaper before? Hmmmmm

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                      • Krish
                      • kk0
                      • 09 Jul 2020

                      This phone from 2018. 2 year micromax didn’t release phone. I think of moving to oppo phone from micromax canvas infinity. I can wait no longer.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • kk0
                        • 09 Jul 2020

                        I’m seeing a lot of Indians talking about micromax needing to be revived in order for Indian ps to buy Indian phones. But imma be real now. I would much rather buy a xiaomi, oppo, Realme, heck I’ll buy a Huawei. It’s just, take HYC for an example. I’m sure they can make REALLY good entry level and budget phones. But like, yeah.

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                          • Goodfellow
                          • XRL
                          • 08 Jul 2020

                          Please launch phones with Snapdragon 600, 700 & 800 series with 4,6 & 8 GB of ram and internal memory starting with 64GB and upward along with a dedicated micro SD card slot. Also use better material like gorilla glass and aluminum frame. Please use plastic back panel and frames for entry level only. And one more thing please keep the battery size 4000 mah & above.
                          Last & not the least dual 5G sim with UW and VOLT at the same time. Mix and match.

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                            • Shreya
                            • 7kY
                            • 06 Jul 2020

                            Did anyone get android pie in their device???

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                              • Pradeep Singh Mahour
                              • E7E
                              • 02 Jul 2020

                              Dear Micromax Being an Indian Brand kindly Upgrade your Mobile industries and Launch High Range Phones as well
                              Now India. Will Buy only Indian Brands Mobile waiting for your next Premium Device.

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                                • King
                                • D0f
                                • 22 Jun 2020

                                Processor G70 or G80
                                ram 3gb and 4gb rom 32 and 64gb
                                FHD display
                                20 MP rear camera 2mp telephoto lense 2 mp wide
                                16 mp front camera
                                6.45inch screen LCD pannel
                                Type C charger 4000mah battery

                                Micromax please give this specification on our next indian made mobile
                                Waiting for pakka package Mobile
                                Waiting for your comeback 💐💐💐

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • tT9
                                  • 21 Jun 2020

                                  Pls revive Micromax.
                                  Give good specification.
                                  4/6/8 GB RAM, 64/128/256 GB ROM, 2 main camera and selfie camera with depth sensor..... 890 processor
                                  Hopefully all the Indians will go for Micromax.

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                                    • SACHCHIDA
                                    • DkJ
                                    • 19 Jun 2020

                                    I can call as super mobile at same price...no any problem...so cute.best micromax.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • YP6
                                      • 12 Jun 2020

                                      this phone deserve $100. 1080p like seriously and this phone's feature is led flash light. like what???

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                                        • Vinutrader7
                                        • Dk$
                                        • 31 May 2020

                                        Please micromax a bit more advanced phone,
                                        India is waiting for it..
                                        No indian will buy Chinese phone please atleast 64gb internal memory and atleast 4gb ram every Indian will buy micromax, I personally use Xiaomi but I am waiting for your upgraded n13 or n14