Micromax Infinity N12

Micromax Infinity N12

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Mediatek is bad.
Price looks interesting but htere are so many no.
Rather Xiaomi Note 7.

  • Lakshya pandey

This is the Best smartphone in the word,according to best camera phone in bugdet.

  • Allar Kahum

This is some good stuff though my friend

  • GPCR

Hi Micromax, please make with super amled display and need to provide update regularly, then you are in the market leader.

  • DD

Copy the whole design, why not copy the wallpaper too? Lol

  • akw

1080@24fps ? not 30 fps?

  • raaj

just one word " CRAP"

  • Anonymous

Come on mate, wide notches aren't as popular as before.

Neither this design nor wallpaper. Nothing is original. This is just a another crap from Micromax. Not even pricing is comparable to Chinese manufacturers.

Hmm......I wonder where they got the inspiration for that wallpaper and design
It's a bootleg child of the iPhone X and some Huawei phone

  • Anonymous

True Realme competitor.