Micromax M2

Micromax M2

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  • Gaurav

Where can I get this model? It is out of stock online everywhere. I am based in delhi and want to purchase low budget music phone. plz help!

  • AnonD-112862

Ramesh kothandaraman, 04 Nov 2012This M2 micromax mobile "S Charging method is not correct p... morei am also facing same issue

  • Supriyo

This is a great music phone...
Solid ipod looks & sensor,
Gif wallpaper & screensaver support,
Txt file reader support,
normal quality camera,
no memory card slot (inbuild 2gb),
no java support,
battery backup less than normal,
inter surfing is bad & slow.

  • Supriyo

AnonD-101022, 14 Jan 2013Can I use it to connect internet on PC (tethering I think it's c... moreyes you can connect it to surf internet on pc.
First install drivers, then copy the phone suit from cd to pc which you get with your phone.
run phone suit, set all settings & connect.
But with this phone u get slow net surfing on pc...

  • SuhashH

AnonD-101022, 14 Jan 2013Can I use it to connect internet on PC (tethering I think it's c... moreNo this is only a music phone, don't take it for internet use.

  • Anonymous

Michel, 10 Oct 2012i want to purchese On Micromax M2 Battery So kindly find Battery... moreget battery on flipkart.

  • AnonD-101022

Can I use it to connect internet on PC (tethering I think it's called); like a modem. Most phones nowadays have this feature, does this one have it, plz. I need urgent reply...my previous phone is kaput. I need a quick replacement! Thanks :)

  • Pozzo

Does it have USB tethering, meaning can I use it as a modem on PC using sim data packs of Vodafone etc?

  • sushant

MMM, 31 Dec 2012When will it come...................Just joke yaar.

  • AnonD-82738

after 7 months of usage what i found out is that...

1. This phone is best choice for a music lover.It has got an amazing sound reproduction thanks to Yamaha music driver. it reproduces crisp and clear sound through external speakers. and the dome headset which comes along with it is a blast.

2. good call clarity and both sim has good network coverage and there is no drop during calls.

3. screen is crisp and clear even though it is small. beautiful clarity with accurate clour and text reproduction.

4. comes with silicon case.
5. single metallic body it could take occasional falls as per my usage it survived such falls i don't know may be i was lucky.

6. nice and responsive touch sensitive scroll wheel ..it could be switched off and on as you like.

7. build quality.

8. video playback Mp4 and 3gp with nice quality.


1. becomes extremely laggy while playing music.

2. don't think about internet browsing it will load pages but occasionally one or two pages load. and downloading stuffs are messy. so bye bye internet.

3.game ..you can only play inbuilt games as this phone doesn't support java so no games can be installed..

4.no third party apps could be installed as it doesn't support java.

5. camera is average during daylight and totally dark at night no images can be clicked.

6. inbuilt 2 GB memory .. couldn't expand the memory.


if you love music this is the best phone to go for ..

don't expect anything more in terms of camera web browsing games etc .. you would be disappointed...

for music and call quality and dual sim functionality i would give it a 4.5/5..

for the price for which it is now available it would defenatly do justic to the amount you pay ..

  • Mahesh

AnonD-61612, 03 Jul 2012my phone does not contain bluetooth inside the connectivity wher... moreIn connectivity

  • MMM

Backu, 25 Nov 2012This phone no jave enabled phone.and no opera mini browser in th... moreYes I agree with you

  • MMM

sushant, 31 Dec 2012Comming soon Micromax M3When will it come...................

  • sushant

Comming soon Micromax M3

  • megha

its nice and perfect mobile... i m using 4rm last 1 month

  • atul

i want to buy a m2 for music and its look trendy for me, but i also prefer network , all the features has been maintion is true , actually i am confuse , i need u r help

  • nani

net is 2 slow

  • Sam

Some say that this phone does not support BSNL connection. I have GSM BSNL prepaid SIM. will that work?

  • Backu

This phone no jave enabled phone.and no opera mini browser in this phone..

  • rakesh mayavanshi

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2012Hi friends i am koushik . I primarily want a music and other fea... moreHomeShop18