Microsoft announces Surface Book i7 and Surface Studio PC

Kaloyan, 26 October 2016

Microsoft's event today brought us not only a new version of Windows 10 aimed at easy creation of 3D content but also two Windows 10 computers made by Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Book hybrid is getting an upgrade with the latest Intel i7 processor, and it's called Surface Book i7 accordingly. Microsoft has also upped its battery life by 30% and doubled its graphics performance. Now, the Surface Book i7 can run at full steam for 16 hours.

The Surface Book i7 keeps its previous design, display, and everything else for that matter, but the battery and the processor. There is also a new fan inside to keep the internals cool.

The Surface Book i7 will launch this November starting at $2,399. Pre-orders open today.

Microsoft is also taking after Apple's iMac series with its new Surface Studio PC. It has the world's thinnest LCD monitor ever built - a 12.5mm 28" PixelSense Display with forged aluminum enclosure. The display has a resolution of 4,500 x 3,000 pixels (3:2 aspect, 192ppi), it is touch-enabled and supports pen input, and supports expanded color output, ideal for designers and photo/video editing.

The display has a very complex zero-gravity hinging mechanism and supports 20-degree drafting angle.

The new Surface Studio PC comes with all the needed ports - 4x USB 3.0, Ethernet, mini DP, SD, and audio jack. It also comes packed with a dedicated keyboard, wireless mouse, and a new special Surface Dial controller with radial input and haptic feedback. The latter is also compatible with other Surface products, too.

The Surface Studio PC is powered by a quad-core Skylake processor, GeForce 980M GPU, 32GB RAM, 2TB hybrid disk, and 270W power supply. It also has an integrated 2.1 sound system and a microphone array ready to transmit your voice tasks to Cortana. Finally, only a single power supply cable comes out of the Surface Studio.

Microsoft will open the pre-orders later today, and the PC will retail at $2,999. Limited quantities will ship for the holidays, while more stock will become available early next year.

That was Microsoft's hardware for the today's event. Apple will be outing its new Macbooks and iMacs the same time tomorrow so things will get even more interesting. Stay tuned!


Reader comments

  • akash chaudhary
  • 05 Nov 2016
  • tUd

wo!! ofcorse cause no intel inside that phone

  • q8peace
  • 27 Oct 2016
  • 35T

ofcorse cause no intel inside that phone

  • AnonD-587428
  • 27 Oct 2016
  • H4k

The screen issue was fixed, they also had it in 2007 with bleeding and a couple of years earlier where the whole screen died. They were all replaced and went on to last years. The huge issue with Apple is they have frozen since Steve died. I still ha...

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