Microsoft buys Movial to boost Android OS development for Surface Duo

Ro, 07 July 2020

Ever since Microsoft started the development of its Surface Duo device, the company has been relying on a third-party firm that handles the Android software development and the company is called Movial. It has offices in Romania, Taiwan and the US and now Microsoft is acquiring the company so it can move the development in-house.

Microsoft buys Movial, brings Android OS development in-house for Surface Duo

People familiar with the matter say that Movial has already finished the development of the Android OS for Surface Duo and Microsoft is buying the firm so it can continue to provide software support for the smartphone after launch.

Following the acquisition, Movial will contnue to work as an independent company with headquarters in Finland while the office in Romania will become Microsoft's fourth research and development center in the country.

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  • iFernando
  • 10 Jul 2020
  • J1{

For over two year i use dual screen phone. Better than proposed one today. I use two phone, one ios and other android. Many advantages call with one and take notes or consult with other.

symbian was way ahead of android and ios back then. ios took YEARS to bring in a multiple alarms setting option! symbian's undoing was due to five reasons 1) it never came on good hardware. the nokia 808 was only the fifth symbian phone w...

thanks to an MS trojan installed as their CEO

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