Microsoft buys Movial to boost Android OS development for Surface Duo

07 July 2020
Movial remains as a standalone company, though.

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  • 10 Jul 2020

For over two year i use dual screen phone. Better than proposed one today. I use two phone, one ios and other android.
Many advantages call with one and take notes or consult with other.

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    • 09 Jul 2020

    Hassan90, 08 Jul 2020Nokia was the largest phone manufacturer in 2011, the year ... moresymbian was way ahead of android and ios back then. ios took YEARS to bring in a multiple alarms setting option!

    symbian's undoing was due to five reasons
    1) it never came on good hardware. the nokia 808 was only the fifth symbian phone with a 1ghz processor. that was among the last symbians released and even that had only 512mb ram! nokia never released a symbian with 1gb ram. nokia fanidiots always gave idiotic excuses that a 1ghz processor was overkill/1 gb memory was overkill etc. HAH.
    2) nokia did have an app store but it might not have been promoted very well. don't really remember what the issue there was though i remember developing something to pass time. i think there were challenges getting the developed apps signed or some restrictions on testing etc. or something. maybe limitations on what kind of data the app could access... don't really remember.
    3) no symbian phone 'had it all'. this problem continued when nokia transitioned to windows phone also. one phone would have a front camera but without autofocus on the back, another would have autofocus on the back but no front cam. another would have both but low ram. another would have great speakers but nothing else. makes absolutely no sense. its like they intentionally wanted to kick the bucket.
    4) eventually started focusing on the useless US market. they were doing quite well, focusing on Europe and Asia. Nokia was more or less a 'status symbol' in many regions at that time. they even had a large chain of sales & support stores (which MS later took over & closed). given time and a more diverse product range (tabs, laptops, media players, dedicated cameras with data connectivity etc), they would've gotten a cult status like apple. each nokia was unique and not a dumb brick but they dropped it all to go against apple whose followers were literally a cultish bunch (and therefore would NEVER have gotten a nokia anyway) and basically doomed themselves. Of course, MS helped them along.
    5) the difficulty in 'hacking' nokia's to do custom modding. it was only with a lot of effort that i changed the annoying camera sound and barely managed to change the bootloader image. overclocking was, as i recall, not at all possible. even the older windows mobile was easier to mod and you could even overclock windows mobile phones with relative ease (much simpler than android too). old windows mobile's failure was that there wasn't any particular dedicated app store, as i recall. would've been cool if there was one.

    there were other causes also, but i feel the above were directly related reasons for nokia's fall.

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      • 09 Jul 2020

      Dennan4, 07 Jul 2020Nokia went south way before they were acquired by Microsoft.thanks to an MS trojan installed as their CEO

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        • 08 Jul 2020

        Couldn't be more excited about this device. Seperate dual screen makes alot more sense to me than a foldable or slide etc as that tech is just too fragile. The idea of a mini laptop style phone that I can; take notes on, type emails and messages, flip to one screen and draw ideas on, that looks just like my Surface book, is just too exciting. BUT the software dev is everyhting, for someone to say their software is 'finished' before it's even touched any consumers hand even in beta... They need to think again.

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          • 08 Jul 2020

          lol, too little too late

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            • 08 Jul 2020

            Lol. It just aphone, but see how they have been employing delays. The duo can be equated with Samsung galaxy S10e.. Obsolete within a short time.

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              • 08 Jul 2020

              Its hightume that Microsoft and Google should CoExist in their own .
              Like Google should now allow its app to be available in microsoft store or Microsoft should build an Android Portal.

              The reason
              Google is not gonna beat Windows. It is impossible to beat Microsoft in Computer Space. So instead of wasting time developing their own OS, merge with Windows environment like Microsoft did.
              It has all major apps available on Android .

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                • 08 Jul 2020

                I believe it will be almost impossible for Microsoft to have much luck with a smartphone even with a android (their version) OS. The way they handled the Nokia foul up and how the turned off their users they have just burned too many bridges. Microsoft is not a consumer company and consumers know that. Let them stick to business that is what they do best.

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                  • 08 Jul 2020

                  This needs an update, it always crushes and a lot of bugs, just like my PC after the May 2020 update.

                    Dennan4, 07 Jul 2020Nokia went south way before they were acquired by Microsoft.Nokia was the largest phone manufacturer in 2011, the year Stephen
                    Elop took the reign and announced his burning platform memo.
                    Imagine Nokia Lumia 920 runs Android from that time with all its legend camera, hardware, design, and software.

                    What could happen to Nokia now?

                      Nokia went south way before they were acquired by Microsoft.

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                        • 07 Jul 2020

                        Everything Microsoft touches turns to rot.

                        Anyone remember Nokia, Microsoft destroyed a multi-billion dollar company.

                        Bill Gates did n't predict the failure of the Microsoft phone, but he foresaw the virus.

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                          • 07 Jul 2020

                          WWW, 07 Jul 2020I appreciate the effort... But they should analyse consume... moreIf not for the bezels, it's an okay looking device.

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                            • 07 Jul 2020

                            I appreciate the effort...
                            But they should analyse consumer demand.
                            Non continuous 2 screen is a waste....
                            Rather try a slideout foldable....the trend.
                            And become the top foldable maker....
                            They should also try for top notch camera module with xenon flash.

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                              • 07 Jul 2020

                              Hassan90, 07 Jul 2020Yes! Because acquiring 33000 legend employees of Nokia Dev... moreThat was old Microsoft, this is a completely new Microsoft. Much different. Believe them when they say so /s

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                                • 07 Jul 2020

                                This needs improvement.

                                  Because acquiring 33000 legend employees of Nokia Devices and Services and ditch them after one year wasn't enough to waste.

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                                    • 07 Jul 2020

                                    hmmm...this looks/sounds familiar 🤔