Microsoft Kin ONEm

Microsoft Kin ONEm

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  • Hearts4Panasonic
  • Tsm
  • 08 Nov 2023

I loved this phone! I never traded mine in because it was so good

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    • ufo090
    • XZJ
    • 31 Mar 2022

    The worst phone every sewar to god

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      • Anonymous
      • IV{
      • 13 Jan 2022

      I've got the Snapdragon 888 Edition

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        • Utah
        • kD@
        • 18 May 2021

        AnonD-716026, 20 Feb 2018The 240p's so 2010!!!hahaha

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          • Crystal
          • 3xI
          • 13 Aug 2019

          tina, 16 Dec 2014I like small phone so I like this phone but the status of t... moreHello , I heard about your problem ! It recently happened to me , according to GSM arena , this phone is launched in 2010 , so we know it is most likely to disconnect , right ? I have went to the Microsoft store and they suggested that it was too old to manage everything and told me I should get another even though that is not my main phone that I use in my daily life . So like someone said , there is nothing you can do I guess .

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            • gadget officer
            • MkX
            • 18 Jul 2018

            looks like a tamagochi

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              • AnonD-716026
              • mKJ
              • 20 Feb 2018

              The 240p's so 2010!!!

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                • roy
                • w43
                • 14 May 2016

                Anonymous, 16 Mar 2015too small for updatenothing life to do anything

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                  • Bala
                  • ijM
                  • 17 Sep 2015

                  tina, 16 Dec 2014I like small phone so I like this phone but the status of t... moreNothing can do

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                    • Dimple
                    • w4h
                    • 31 May 2015

                    In fact I like this kinda cute cell too...

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                      • Anonymous
                      • F4m
                      • 16 Mar 2015

                      too small for update

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                        • tina
                        • tUa
                        • 16 Dec 2014

                        I like small phone so I like this phone but the status of this phone showing please suggest me what should I do..?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • i5x
                          • 12 Nov 2014

                          Anonymous, 28 Nov 2012I personally have the KIN TWO but i really wish i would hav... moresooooooooo nyc

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                            • KinoneHater
                            • kc6
                            • 08 Jun 2013

                            The phone was good for the first few months then it started turning off randomly. Now, maybe a year or half of one later, the text messages are messed up. It basically decides when it wants to do something and when it doesn't. Glad it is no longer made.

                              • M
                              • Megan
                              • j{F
                              • 21 Apr 2013

                              Anonymous, 17 Aug 2012This is the worse phone EVER. I have had it since October o... moreI had the same problems you were describing almost exactly . Right now I use my iPod touch without a phone and am waiting until July to get a new phone rather than use that piece of shit.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • I5B
                                • 28 Nov 2012

                                I personally have the KIN TWO but i really wish i would have got the KIN TWOm. The regular Kin Two lacks simple apps such as calenders, calculators, ect. I hear the Kin TwoM is waaay better though. My brother has the Kin OneM and is very pleased with it. It has everything he wants. Make sure to get the M though. Also, if you want to get this phone without having to get a contract you can get it off of Amazon no contract added. (29.99 used phone) or (49.99 new phone) This phone is a must buy!!!(:

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • I5B
                                  • 28 Nov 2012

                                  Garen, 04 Mar 2012I just received mine yesterday. And it doesn't have youtube... moreYou need to add it yourself... you go on browser then go to face book then you add it as a favorite and it should pop up as an app at the bottom of your other ones

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • I5B
                                    • 28 Nov 2012

                                    Anonymous, 23 Jun 2012It is a good phone. I have had it for maybe 8 months and ju... moreinstead of pressing the back button you can press the home button or the clear button and it should work so you dont have to start it up again(:

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                                      • Rose
                                      • I5B
                                      • 28 Nov 2012

                                      Xxxx, 08 Sep 2012Where did you get your kin onem?I am using mine right now to answer this! I love this phone i originally had the kin two instead of the kin two m so MAKE SURE you get either the kin one or two m!! if you dont get the m the kin phones suck i learned that the hard way! Also i bought mine from amazon(: 29.99 for a used one and 49.99 for a new one

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • s7a
                                        • 02 Oct 2012

                                        yeah this phone dose suck but it better then nothing the only problem ive been having is it says i have vocie mail when i dont i took out the battery for an hour i put it back in and it still said i had a voice message so i cheacked and i didnt have a voice message so dose anyone have an idea how to fix this head ache without getting a new phone had this phone since october 1st of 2011 but other than that i had no problems with it