Microsoft Kin ONEm

Microsoft Kin ONEm

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  • 08 Sep 2012

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2012This is the worse phone EVER. I have had it since October o... moreWhere did you get your kin onem?

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    • Anonymous
    • 8gv
    • 17 Aug 2012

    This is the worse phone EVER. I have had it since October of 2011 and it constantly turns off. When i turn it off it won't turn back on. The Camera takes random screen shots.My Battery doesn't even last me the whole day. I am glad this phone is discontinued. I am truely disappointed in Windows for making such a horrid phone. Now granite, there are some good features such as: The qwerty keyboard, the small size, and the talking bubbles. But other than that i dislike this phone.

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      • Anonymous
      • qDm
      • 23 Jun 2012

      It is a good phone. I have had it for maybe 8 months and just today i had my first large problem.f The "back" button wont work so to get to another page i have to restart the phone... I am really upset because i was starting to like this phone a lot. I love the keyboard but its laggy. Calling is great. But there is no speed dial. And I got a lot of compliments on it

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        • rae
        • jyn
        • 20 May 2012

        This phone can be extremely annoying sometimes, but overall I'd say it's a good phone. The touch screen is great, the qwerty keyboard is a little hard to press so you can't text that fast on it. It doesn't have a notepad, and it doesn't have an option to call home/work numbers? I had to make a new contact for my house.. I get many compliments on it though. I'd go with the Kin TWOm instead.

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          • maddie
          • FLD
          • 19 Apr 2012

          it is the WORST phone anyone has ever invented, no wonder it went off the freezes ocasionally and i have to take the batterie out, when you listen to the radio and turn the screen light of and you try to turn it back on it turns off the phone completely.if it gets to hot it will shut off. sometimes when you put your phone on viberate and you get a text message it will continue viberating for several minuets to where you have to AGAIN take the batterie out.... i would not suggest this phone . i to picked it just for the size and last but not least if you send long text your fingers are likely to hurt because the keyboard is SO small.

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            • Anonymous
            • qIj
            • 29 Mar 2012

            1.)Calendar appointment alerts either do not trigger at the set time -or at all. This has resulted in lost wages, missed doctors' appointments, and other more serious situations.
            2.)Phone calls will not connect, no ringing or call alert, and the voice-mail indicator will not indicate a new message for a substantial duration of time (one particular voice-mail was not announced until two days later).
            3.)When attaching the charging cord, the phone has a high chance of locking up entirely. There is nothing visibly wrong until I try to utilize the phone, whereupon it refuses to even turn the screen on/off (depending on what mode it was in when I plug in the power). This can only be fixed by removing and replacing the battery. Obviously, I need not point out why not having my wake-up alarm function is very, very bad.
            4.)Backing out of applications sometimes locks up the phone entirely.
            5.)Text messages sometimes take hours to send/receive.
            6.)Camera button is finicky and sometimes must be depressed six or seven times before the photo capture application starts.
            7.)The sound volume -even at the highest setting- is still far too low to be heard outside of a pants pocket without distinctly ideal conditions.
            8.)The ringtones (that is to say, the ONLY ringtones -since you cannot download or otherwise add additional ringtones by any means) are merely minor alterations of the same soundbyte, making them incredibly hard to establish from one another... if you can even hear them.
            9.)Unable to download my prior (or upload my current) phone contacts list.
            10.)There is no functioning software to link (via supplied USB cable) my phone to my PC for transferring contacts, appointments, media, or any other data.
            11.)In “sleep” mode, the volume buttons are still active. While in my pocket, the phone can (and is) easily rendered silent, and there is no means by which to circumvent this without physically altering the device... not good.

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              • Garen
              • npY
              • 04 Mar 2012

              I just received mine yesterday. And it doesn't have youtube or facebook or twitter on it...

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                • Rachie
                • QBe
                • 22 Feb 2012

                This phone is nice and easy to use but it sucks. I'm on my third one in less than a year because they keep having mechanical problems like power cycling and the buttons not working. I love it because of the look and size but other than that it is terrible.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 0gq
                  • 17 Jan 2012

                  Anonymous, 25 Nov 2011this fone is so dumb they dnt tell u every thing when u go ... moreYou can actually order a phone offline & go on the verizon website and switch the phones out, without signing another contract. Yes it is free.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • ICu
                    • 30 Dec 2011

                    Anonymous, 28 Sep 2011I am 38 years old and have just recently bought this phone.... moreThe phone is a full qwerty which is good for texting. Calling works fine and you can access facebook through the browser. You don't need a data plan and you can connect to a wi-fi spot in your home or where ever you can find it. However, Verizon no longer offers the phone to buy online so if you want it you'll have to buy it off of ebay.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • q5X
                      • 05 Dec 2011

                      Anonymous, 28 Sep 2011I am 38 years old and have just recently bought this phone.... moreyes you can use wifi at home and other places without data pak

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 0H9
                        • 25 Nov 2011

                        this fone is so dumb they dnt tell u every thing when u go to by it... u cant put musice up there and if u do it cost u cant put a card in it and i wish i could get my money back i hate diz fone and i am ready for one year to be up so i can get me another fone they need to do rebates on diz fone ughh i hate it

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                          • qIF
                          • 30 Oct 2011

                          golu, 21 Jun 2011its very costly and it has nothing but it has a high price.... morereally, got mine for free, just to start a plan its only 19.99 unless thats alot of money to you i recomend it, easy to use, user friendly, i breack phones on a daily cant afford 300 dollar phones so i got this, does everything i need it to, talk text suf the web, i dont see whats so bad about it to be honest

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                            • justnuts
                            • saL
                            • 16 Oct 2011

                            this phone sucks when i tried to switch phone numbers it would not let me and now i have to have the phone flash what ever that means. I tell anyone not to by this phone

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 0c@
                              • 29 Sep 2011

                              Little P, 14 Aug 2011Ok, I've been thinking about getting this phone but I've ha... moreHave the phone about a year and here is what I experienced. The software freezes occassionally. Twice the e-mail app ceased to work. Once the
                              messaging app ceased to work. Only after fully resetting the phone does it work again. A pain because I had to re-enter my entire contact list. The lack of an external
                              memory slot is a negative.
                              The good - when it is working smoothly the phone is great for messaging, calls are clear, Zune is great, and the browser works satisfactory for what it is. Yes, it works with WiFi
                              only but it works for me. Browser is slow and clunky, but it is better than nothing. It will not replace a smart phone by any stretch and I am fine with that. Overall
                              I give this a 7 out of 10 as a feature phone. The software glitches are the only major issues.
                              Overall this is the best feature phone at Verizon.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • FLB
                                • 28 Sep 2011

                                I am 38 years old and have just recently bought this phone. I am only interested in facebook, talk and texting. I wanted it because its small and it looks cool. Is it true I wont need a data plan and can just use my wifi at home or where it is available to get on the internet?

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                                  • Little P
                                  • jHN
                                  • 14 Aug 2011

                                  Ok, I've been thinking about getting this phone but I've had some people tell me it's a bad phone and it freezes and messes up a lot. But on the other hand I've heard some people say it's a good phone and I've seen some of yall's reviews saying so too. I need help is it a good phone to get or not?

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                                    • Anon
                                    • 4dt
                                    • 31 Jul 2011

                                    Anonymous, 15 Mar 2011Where could i buy one ??? i'm searching for a online store

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • kVv
                                      • 30 Jul 2011

                                      This phone is great. I haven't had many problems. But it will occasionally freeze and you will have to take the battery out. This phone is easy to use. You don't have to go everywhere to find something, it's all right there on the homepage. I recommend this phone if it is your first.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • j@Y
                                        • 12 Jul 2011

                                        its only 20$ on verizon shutup