Microsoft Kin Two

Microsoft Kin Two

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I like the physical concept. The keyboard could've been easily better done. Would be interesting to see this done again in the current year but obviously heavily improved.

  • cherry

what is the rate of kin 2

  • AnonD-716026

Still, a 720p video recorder in 2010 (for phones, anyway) was actually very good.

  • mmmm

it's ok

  • Pintu chakma

It has no secondary camera

  • aman

memory card not avaliable

  • sachin

it so good

  • dikha

can you help me to get this phone in Indonesia?

  • Anonymous

This freaking phone sucks!!!! It keeps flashing the screen and won't turn on or work!!! This has done it with 2 of the same phones!! I'm done I hate this phone so much!! Don't get it!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2012Who out there is still useing this phone? I just ordered on... moreI'm just got mine .did you get yours activated without any issues

  • Zingbot2000

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2012does the kin two have a free internet browser?The Internet browsing is free IF you are connecting to WiFi like an access point. If you go cellular there is a charge. Even IF you DON'T have a Verizon data plan you will be charged by whatever usage rate Verizon has in place. I have setup the account with Verizon on-line to NOT allow cellular data connections. The phone will even put up a warning message that you MAY incure charges - which you won't IF you use/have a WiFi connection.

  • Anonymous

Who out there is still useing this phone? I just ordered one cause my phone blew up and I am still under contract.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2012So do you HAVE to have service plan for internet???Not when wifi is on its the ONLY phone from verizon that doesn't need the data plan and has wifi You have to buy it at places only on line verizon nolonger sells it. Too many issuess is their claim.

  • Anonymous

does the kin two have a free internet browser?

  • WEM97

Very good phone if your looking for social and connectivity everywhere. Recently Verizon and Microsoft brought bsck the phones as feature phones and they are really good for a feature phone. I have owned one for almost 2 years now and I have never had a problem. If you want any more info on the KIN devices join the other devs and I at the XDA forum for it.

  • Anonymous

So do you HAVE to have service plan for internet???

  • Chuck

I have had this phone for only a year and it is already broken !! i do not like this phone at all you cant have a signature :( when you text the keyboard is very loud and it is hard to press the keys !! there is no games , or anything!! i hate this phone ! the touch screen is good and i like the :) button ! but if you are on your phone a lot and use it all the time dont get it !!!!

  • miele

Its a great phone. I dropped it off a roller coaster and it still worked fine

  • Anonymous

This phone looked good but it is the worst phone I have ever had. I bought one for myself, my son and my sister. We all hate them but are stuck with them for two years. If you are thinking of getting one-DON'T!!!

  • Bds

Yeah, it's a good phone but its a very boring phone too! You should get it
If you play on ur phone a little but text a lot.