Microsoft Kin Two

Microsoft Kin Two

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  • Anonymous

omar, 12 Apr 2010i hope this phone would have a radio and a decent price...I agree. The FM radio is the 3rd most used function for me. Not having it will make it a no buy.
I also do not think it will be cheap.

  • Anonymous

Post A Comment Guy, 13 Apr 2010What is the fuss, i mean sure wow great camera, but after t... moreyeah!!!everything is using online account!

  • Duci

this Kin is so keen :D

  • Anonymous

NO card slot? OMG useless

  • Justin Chee

Looks okay at first glance. Hope to see more handsets from Microsoft.

  • Post A Comment Guy

What is the fuss, i mean sure wow great camera, but after taking 400 pics with your new 8mp phone, you have used up your space on your phone, WHERES THE MICRO SD SLOT MICROSOFT... Disappointing

  • Anonymous

and by the way, great look, hardware and software mach very well... It's young and fresh

  • Anonymous

It has radio... at least in the demos there is a radio menu. This is not aiming to the iphone or HTC, guess again! This is suppose to be the new sidekick...

  • Mahesh

Need to have secondary camera and FM radio

  • Simran

Amazing....they trying to compete with apple or HTC ....Nothing Innovative... Used all old Techniques and made a Phone....Can anyone tell me anything new in this phone... there will be no hardcore reason to buy this phone...You ca get all these features already in market

  • Rajitt

Except for the 'wierd looks', this mobile n it's bro pack the punch 2 give all other heavy weights a tough fight for their money. One thing that seems inexcuseable 4 now is the lack of a memory card slot n only 8 GB of memory.

  • Anonymous

it should have the following keys: ctrl + alt + del

  • Ashek

Phone looks ugly

  • robin

this ones gud. windows, 8mp camera, stereo speakers. coooolllllllllllll

  • Anonymous

yes this makes sense againts htc.

  • RAMG


  • benny

is microsoft gonna start makin groceries as well...i mean...they ruined the software business for others...and the console gaming for sony...and not to speak of the music MOBILES...i mean this a shortcut to world domination..???? bill??? eh???? no answer????

  • R@K€B

great phone ....i like windows mobile

  • omar

i hope this phone would have a radio and a decent price...