Microsoft Kin Two

Microsoft Kin Two

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Bad news for LG. I think lg should stop supporting microsoft. they did not let LG to introduce first WM7 phone but they themselves are introducing the first one. LG ; ur design to support window rather then android will destroy u...Bet on that......

  • kris MJ

Pedram, 16 Apr 2010your r right . . . but tec doesnt stop . . . if you see what Sa... moreyes...ur wright

  • Pedram

John, 15 Apr 2010Dude! Just check this phone out.......... :| moreyour r right . . . but tec doesnt stop . . .
if you see what Samsung , lg and sony and also nokia are doing you will found that after 2 month new phones which are better than it will come . . .

look like hd2 . . . tell me Samsung I9000 Galaxy is better or hd2 or n8 or x10 ???
there is no any end . . .
the most different is in os and ui . . .
and i personally prefer win 7 to Bada OS , S-Class , Motorola BLUR , Timescape and Mediascape ( in x10 ) , Palm webOS and even htc Sense . . .
the most different is in os and ui . . .

  • John

Pedram, 15 Apr 2010funny design - big Size - nice camra - Nvidia Tegra platform cpu... moreDude! Just check this phone out.......... :|­irst-ever-4g-phone-meet-the-new-terrific

  • Pedram

funny design - big Size - nice camra - Nvidia Tegra platform cpu (how is it ???)( i think its strong ) - no Card slot - good Price and also real MS Office ...
any way , i like it . . . and you must know that its about 110eur less than htc desire , 300eur less than iphone 3gs ( not 4g !!! ) and microsoft have a lot of Experience to please the users ( we saw in win 7 )

  • John, same BS here........
Its like all the companies takin a step forward and this Microsoft takes 3 steps back.......damn some of the Specs are like mandatory to have....damn............HEY! anyone interested in REAL-MODERN-SMART-PHONE there are 2 hittin this summer:
* iPhone 4G < Dunno the specs yet, prolly cant catch up with ^htc specs though

  • kris MJ

features is good but design is very poor...its microsoft phone???? very bad looking...this one is better then MR KIN ONE....why MS????

  • Anonymous

This could make some waves.

  • George

Why GSM? Verizon Wireless - CDMA operator. Maybe, Kin phones are CDMA phones? With EV-DO and so on?

  • Anonymous

this device has multi touch as well. update specs

  • Duci

this Kin is so keen :D

  • Mohammed Zayed

It does have a FM RADIO in Zune

  • Piratepecke

is there a build-in FM Transmitter ?
is radiostreaming possible ??
thx !

  • c0d3Warri0r

Well it got the Nvidia Tegra chip which makes it spl among it's league of phones.

  • Venom

It looks like nice phone,would be great to have it.

  • Ahmed From Egypt


  • Anonymous

kinda looks like the palm pre lols but with a landscape slide out keyboard

  • Junaid

Simran, 12 Apr 2010Amazing....they trying to compete with apple or HTC ....Nothing ... moreLets not judge a book by its cover. you say nothing is new in this phone - so u mean u have already experienced what Micrsoft OS 7 is like?? DOnt gimme that crap - stop bashing and if you dont want a change then please stick to what you are using right now - may be an iPhone or SE or blah blah blah !!!

  • Anonymous

MS has gone crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Anonymous

omar, 12 Apr 2010i hope this phone would have a radio and a decent price...I agree. The FM radio is the 3rd most used function for me. Not having it will make it a no buy.
I also do not think it will be cheap.