Microsoft Kin Two

Microsoft Kin Two

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  • kr

does this kin use win phone 7??

  • Harry

I would say best in the market yet.. lets you keep up to your social life even if you are busy with your professional life.. got everything i needed.. ll bag one for sure..

  • Anonymous

8gb internal just sort of seems mediocre. why not just include a card slot for those who want to put music and movies on here?

seems like a nice phone but i just don't understand not having expandable memory to suit everyone

  • Souren

Anonymous, 10 May 2010in the official site it says that kin two camera is capable of c... more720p=HD

  • seth

does it have a virtual keyboard

  • Anonymous

in the official site it says that kin two camera is capable of capturing hd videos
and here is a link for u guys to chaeck cuz u might wanna add that to the specs list­g

  • Harry

when they said it is different from others.. it means is more than them.. its nt just that same old windows phone anymore.. its also stuffed with lot more social networking applications that might come handy for younger generations..

  • Christian

william, 08 May 2010this phone finally reflects what microsoft had to do years ago.... moreWhat are you talking about? They said themselves this isn't WP7! It's a completely different phone, that separates itself from a feature phone and a smartphone. It works as a smart phone but doesn't have the option to add apps (at initial release.)

  • william

this phone finally reflects what microsoft had to do years ago...wm7,yeah of course its microsoft so people hope that they gonna have ---THE BEST--ui os a windows phone can make!!!,its simple but powerful,just do a lilttle research,price its one of the things no yet liked by many of you guys, but dont you remember the first iphone days it was tooo much when first release,,hope price its gonna b lower with demand!!!
FINALLY A windows 7 phone from microsoft,that you can personalize however you want...

  • love man

i need to know why there isn't OS in spicification does it operate in diffrant OS or while y say microsoft then windows come over ower head so what vesion of windows? win 6.0 - win 6.5 or win 7 ?

  • Anonymous

it does have a home screen.. screen that they showing is all about kin spot.

  • robz

does this phone have a regular homescreen(like where we can change wallpapers) or the one shown in pictures(loop)??...

  • ritzz

[deleted post]Kin 2 Should be at least $475 sim free, and kin 1 approximately $375 unlocked.

  • Anonymous

yaaaay :D
at last a 16M SCREEN
now we can enjoy winmo7 for real :D

  • Anonymous

is it windows phone 7?

  • Nate

Newsflash for those comparing the Kin phones to the iPhone or HTC EVO this is a feature phone not a smartphone.

It's to be compared with the Rouge,Sidekick,and LG Dare.

Compare the iPhone and EVO to the HD3 and Omnia3 when they are launched, it won't be close.

  • Faisal

CRAZE, 20 Apr 2010Bad news for LG. I think lg should stop supporting microsoft. th... moreThis isn't winMo 7.

  • Ivan

On the specs list here, it shows that it has MS Office (or some sort of word editor). Is this true or speculation?

  • Tangra

George, 14 Apr 2010Why GSM? Verizon Wireless - CDMA operator. Maybe, Kin phones are... moreVodafone are stakeholder in Verizon, Microsoft will launch with VZW in USA and will go with Vodafone over their GSM/UMTS network

  • Tangra

The latest information is that Microsoft will abandon GSM technology in favor of marriage with Verizon. May be they will try to use LG to carry them into the cellphone business.