Microsoft Kin Two

Microsoft Kin Two

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  • Mukonyole

It looks agood phone with 8gb capacity and camera it will solve most of the fancy families needs. Iwish it reached Kenya the soonest

  • haad

os?winmobile but what 6.5 or?

  • Mobilemaster

This is made by Sharp, the MOST advanced mobile phone maker! It seems Microsoft has to pay more to get Japanese specs phones, with waterproof capabilities, awesome cameras! :D
And I am 100% sure that I am right that Sharp made it.

  • Kazem

May is over. it's not released yet GSMARENA?

  • ldfdsi

This phone with some upgrades could be the best

  • Anonymous

may you are looking at toy image of a toy which is not actually a toy.. bt it ll look like a toy because itz an image of toy which would work like a phone.. windows phone.. :)

  • Roy

Looks like a TOY...

  • Pancho

Microsoft, 02 Jun 2010what is meant by virtual keyboard? On screen keyboard

  • Microsoft

seth, 11 May 2010does it have a virtual keyboardwhat is meant by virtual keyboard?

  • dhakoo

there is a reason microsoft is ruling over da world in virtual products..... dis fone might seem 2 hav all da regular features but its more user friendly then anyting u hav ever used..dats y it doesnt hav mobile windows rather its own operating system..!!

  • Masood Virk

I didnt find any extra thing which other mobiles dont have.

  • Lester

Is the screen scratch-proof? THANKS!


helo how does this work exactly.i am very interested on ths mbilefone.thnkz to de microsoft theyve realy deservd their job

  • Anonymous

I'm not going to lie this phone looks like it will be a big hit, especially among the social networking demographic. I myself cannot wait until it hits the UK in the autumn. Just to clear up the questions about the OS; one of the KIN developers at the official release branded the OS as a "windows phone 7 variant" which I guess means it's a heavily skinned version. If the hands-on previews on youtube are anything to go by the new OS looks very smooth and responsive which makes a change from the usual laggy microsoft interfaces. Unfortunately I agree that 8gb storage without an expansion slot will definitely be a turnoff for many people but for me personally, I look at the other impressive specs (camera, fm radio, 16m colour capacitive screen). Apparently it's available for $100 after rebate and with a monthy contract so my guess it that it will probably retail for around £300-350 sim free in the UK which I consider to be a fair price

  • Anonymous

2 noise for nothing .. as we use to say in my coyntry the same price you can get so many other phones with much more features , better design and of course the gurantee of a company who's speciallity is constructinh phones and not software ... after all mostly its the device that you pay ..

  • Anonymous

Mahyar, 26 May 2010Yes, I think it's windows phone 7 as far as I know. no this isnt a windows phone 7 phone, this is a KIN phone! :D

  • Mahyar

Yes, I think it's windows phone 7 as far as I know.

  • Anonymous

not a very good phone in my opinion, could be alot better 5\10

  • Anonymous

the OS is windows moblile because the phone is microsof....DAHH

  • Barati

No OS?