Microsoft Kin Two

Microsoft Kin Two

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  • Yogesh sharma

I think its not good handset.

  • armin

micro soft is the best ......................

  • Anonymous

Microsoft is out the window!

  • Anonymous

This phone was cancled on GSM network probably because Verizon saw it coming and picked it up. It is currently in Verizon.

  • Teenager

too bad it was canceled, it could have been a great deal with that price tag and those features..

  • usman

what a fansterstic phone i ever see,
can wait to buy it

  • matt

Why did they always focus on the lower spec'd one in the commercials? When you see a commercial for an LG, you're gonna see a high end Ally not a lower end Versa.

  • Fil

Sheer wastage of resources. Idea has been flopped finally.
Now all eyes on Winmo7.

  • Anonymous

benny, 12 Apr 2010is microsoft gonna start makin groceries as well...i mean...they... moreHave you looked at Apple lately?

  • paun

aaaaand dropped

  • Kin upgrade pulled t­ft-kin-dead-micros_n_631439.html Looks like Microsoft is dropping the "Kin" range, to concentrate on Windows7 for smartphones.

  • Anonymous

Kin has just been cancelled

  • Aniekwe Daniel _Nige

This is superb! Microsft has done great with this first and foremost outing!! Do not be missed out!!!

  • naruto

its probably winmo7 based on sample image, remember 7 is design for social networking hehehe. yes its nvidia CPU but its not even at midle rate of current mobile processor. its year of GHz, soon a dual core will out. its design is for women and based on appearance it will not be popular as iphone.

  • Anonymous

"Coming soon. May"


  • beta1992

hope they have extended warranty for this lol! microsoft aint known for making good quality hardware. just look at x360 for example...

  • kin

What type of OS is using this phone?

  • ben

microsoft phone and no OS?lol

  • Tysweeney

Jafffar, 23 Jun 2010Dimensions 115.1 x 65.3 x TBC mm TBC?tbc=to be concluded

  • Jafffar

Dimensions 115.1 x 65.3 x TBC mm