Microsoft Lumia 1030

Microsoft Lumia 1030

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Michael, 01 Sep 2019The rumors were saying about 50MP, but truth is that its re... moreHow would they find something so trivial and correct it if it's been half a decade since it would've come out?

  • Michael

joe nodden, 06 Aug 2019Wait... didn't this page say the camera sensor was 50 megap... moreThe rumors were saying about 50MP, but truth is that its real resolution is in the range of 20MP. So, it was corrected. The size of the sensor though is unknown, so we can't be sure about the size of each pixel, only about the total number of pixels... Still, it is unique.

Wait... didn't this page say the camera sensor was 50 megapixels before? Why did that get changed?

  • Anonymous

best phone ever

  • Michael

Philips, 11 Jul 2017Will it be sold???? or released??It was developed by Nokia and cancelled by Microsoft after the acquisition of Nokia's phone department. However, a few functional prototypes were produced, supporting the innovative 3D Touch technology, which cannot be found elsewhere and occasionally some of them are sold eg on eBay.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]why bother? the device is cencelled

  • Moon

AnonD-595481, 07 Oct 2017youre using the cheaper one. Right!

just a wet dream by Microsoft

  • AnonD-595481

youre using the cheaper one.

  • Anonymous

Philips, 11 Jul 2017Will it be sold???? or released??unreleased

  • chin

the camera is not really that clear im using nokia lumia...

  • PikaDJ

Wow 50 mp camera on a phone.

  • Philips

Will it be sold???? or released??

  • AnonD-666529

i have lumia 830 with me. everything is ok.

  • Luis1993

Im still waiting for this model to be release in market this will break all phobes in terms of photography

  • AnonD-656942

i can recognize one point with Windows against Android: Windows phones get updates & upgrades in OS twice every month, with android, you buy it with android 6.0 and youre stuck with it.

  • Anonymous

Windows os!!!
Android os is better in many ways. ..

  • lokiko,bashful

if this unit will be released and this 50 mp camera captures good photos and can downloaded with world of tank blitz i will really buy one as fun of lumia units..hope this could be true and released within 2017 year period.


i need it how can i get it

  • Samon

It should be at least 8mp-16mp front while rear Camera is 50mp and Ram should be at least 4g even it's Microsoft. Rom should at least 64gb to 256gb.