Microsoft Lumia 435 Dual SIM

Microsoft Lumia 435 Dual SIM

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  • Anonymous

i am unable to download certain apps after reset. i dont know how to down load my phone.

  • Aakash

AnonD-321150, 02 Jul 2017Does anyone ever experience blacking out on this phone? But stil... moreYea, After upgrading to W10M, I faced that issue. Downgrading to WP8.1 and upgrading back solved the issue. (Tried Hard reset, didn't work..)

  • AnonD-737924

ctsam, 03 Jun 2017A solid product from Microsoft. I've used it for over two years ... moreI Agree With You Totally, but I have to say the time to update is approaching. I have been thinking to buy Samsung S7. Sadly the Phone is good, but the apps are very horrible.

  • pradeep

I have purchase lumia 435 by march 2015 best phone
but last 6 month before I face problem
when I visit service centre at moksh plaza borivali w
he tell me that phone problem is side flag and charging port to replace charge 1600/ this extremely more for me . then after he Agree with 1000/ ruppee
I have pay and give to repair time do 10 Day
when recivived repaired phone after 15 to 20 day same problem
next same problem then give repair then same
again then same then same problem but out of warranty During prepare
I give to private service he 150 prepare it after then phone work best but 2 after 2 month again problem
then private service say give original charging port then well when I call to company for spare part
company executive tell me to visit again service
how can I trust that service centre this monopoly
make more vastly to prepare
I hate service
no worth of service
no quality of technician
very bad experience
product is very good
but service is so much bad better service private than hear
Don't visit company service centre for repairs better throw in dustbin

  • AnonD-321150

Does anyone ever experience blacking out on this phone? But still I think working. When I was playing music, then woke the phone, the screen just illuminated a bit but black and the music was still playing.

  • ctsam

A solid product from Microsoft. I've used it for over two years now, really fantastic!!!!

  • SLJ

ArSid, 30 Oct 2016download windows upgrade advisor from market...After downloading windows upgrade advisor, there is no difference. Windows store doesn't have upgrade for such a useful & important app like mindicator. Windows OS seems useless.

  • Shah Hussain Ahmadi

How to get Apps. in windows phone Lumia 435? most of the Apps. do not match while downloading from internet. plz reply.

  • AnonD-635967

I love how smooth it is with Windows 10 and everything about it.

  • AnonD-635967

Michael, 11 Sep 2015This is cheap a smartphone with the bad screen (very fuzzy on sc... moreThen upgrade to Windows 10 mobile and quit whinning. You don't need any apps to see RAM or CPU usage, they know what they are doing.

  • AnonD-632048

i can not send message

  • Anonymous

i can not send message

  • iago

how can i use radio on lumia 435 ?
plz reply

  • ArSid

SLJ, 29 Aug 2016I am not getting upgrade for m-Indicator in Lumia 435. Store is ... moredownload windows upgrade advisor from market...

  • romy

it has no batterylife

  • Anonymous

how to share apps with other mobiles

  • SLJ

I am not getting upgrade for m-Indicator in Lumia 435. Store is still showing old version of this app. Please advise how to upgrade this app.

  • Helper

AnonD-526661, 15 Apr 2016all my images and musics corrupts when i inserted micro sd in my... moreDon't insert micro sd when phone is on..

  • Anonymous

Zia, 18 Jun 2016kindly let me know i change setting text size and narrator, afte... morepress firmly the swicth & up button.

  • vilas

both slots supports gsm + gsm