Microsoft Lumia 532 Dual SIM

Microsoft Lumia 532 Dual SIM

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  • RGN

Tarun Nandi, 15 Aug 2020I have a Lumia 532 .but I failed to create Microsoft accoun... moreWindows 8.1 mobile is no longer supported by Microsoft and you can't create new account or even login an existing Microsoft account. Please update first to Windows 10 Mobile using OTC Updater or such (google it), or use it without Ms Account (Except for Email, choose Exchange to login)

  • Roger

I have one Microsoft lumia 532 dual,2015,its a good smartphone long time durity,very smille and 3 4 days to charge,system windows 10 uprade,very fine ,no problems, I have first android xiaomi,and the system windows is best.
In this days snapdragon 732 in windows is very fast .

  • Tarun Nandi

Priyaranjan Mahto, 28 Dec 2016can i install apk in lumia 532I have a Lumia 532 .but I failed to create Microsoft account. Please give me a solution

  • Ricardo1pran

This phone is good tho. But the parts are seems to have bad durability. You got broken screen? just replace it with the aftermarket sparepart. You can't charge the phone with any charger? (and showing "slow charging" notification) then you need to replace the micro usb charging flexible part. Else, this phone is good. Windows 10 runs smoothly here, for a 1 GB RAM it could run some apps smoothly. 1560 battery feels like 3000 because of the OS that runs less background apps. But the camera not as good as other 5 MP camera (even other 5MP lumia camera) as it can't change focus at all, no flash, and yeah just it :)

  • D Nice

My unit is not charging / holding a charge

  • Probleme

How can i active "Vibrate on Answer"

  • Anonymous

pls can anyone help me with this problem of the phone, it cannot display any icon only blank screen

  • AnonD-75913

I updated my operating system to Windows 10, but it consumes more battery, and the biggest issue is that most of apps installed in it always crashes during its use in between so i have to log in again and again. Does anyone has solution for this? Is this common in Windows phones?

  • elpxion

AnonD-532143, 03 Jan 2017will it get slower if I install windows 10? Actually i installed win10 and it is faster (but boot times are a bit slower)

  • Anonymous

nkm, 11 Jul 2016All corners the screen become whitish. some times there is ... moreSame problem here. Have you changed the display?

  • Your nickname (optio

most of the questions were put by Indians.
Recognized through wrong spellings. 💩

  • AnonD-532143

will it get slower if I install windows 10?

  • Priyaranjan Mahto

can i install apk in lumia 532

  • sahos

AnonD-438048, 13 Nov 2016i cant install updates in windows 10... it shows moreInstall "upgrade advisor" from store. Open the upgrade advisor and it'll let you install windows 10

  • adellebernardo

whin I use these pone I would pound that lumia is very beautiful and very usefully to me and to we

  • AnonD-438048

i cant install updates in windows 10... it shows error...please help

  • Anonymous

Sir i change the touch the phone is working problem but after some time the lcd light not work

  • Anonymous

how to troubleshoot this phone everytime I would save my edited videos / slow motions, the phone will reboot

  • anon

AnonD-437318, 05 Sep 2015Good day I upgraded from a 520 to the 532 dual sim, firstl... moreuninstall the app , download it again and create an account.

  • Komla

My Lumia 532 restarts inadvertently: it's nuisance and bothers me