Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM

Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM

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  • Rakesh

Windows phone
No lag
More smoother
Battery efficient
Better build quality
Premium software
Universal apps
Budget friendly
Live tiles
Better camera zeiss optics
Selfie Phone
Premium look
clear black display
And more fun
Better than any android device.
Don't worry about soc 400 still runs more smooth this is not android.

  • Rakesh

I have Lumia 630 with only quad core processor @1.2ghz and only 512 mb ram. I had install more than 80 apps and have more than 60 live tiles. Still Lumia runs very smooth even I don't find any lag.i always love ❤ to use the phone 📱.
Most of them don't understand the windows phone. Lumia 640xl is really good phone. Android need more juice to run smoother where as windows need less juice to run smoother. Don't very with less ppi it comes with ips lcd screen means more punch colours and also comes 720p so great at this price point. In my Lumia 630 as 850*450 still colour production is very good. Foremost thing is build quality non of the android device provide the good build quality but windows phones always and also updatable to windows 10. How many of the android device updated to higher version. Windows phone is the best choice.

  • kyo1419

AnonD-233919, 02 Mar 2015Two minitue silence for those who are complaining for those who bought 535???

  • a71

is this phone have NFC support or not?

  • AnonD-233919

Two minitue silence for those who are complaining

  • Samy_K

This will be a "BANG-ON" product if is launched under ₹10,000 price mark.
will surely get one for myself

  • Sayan

nice specs

  • vanh

1 mp front cam?? LOL... i think the same nokia guy works there in MS...

  • mark

nice 2500mah battery. i'm gonna buy it for sure, as a replacement to my lumia 630. i caaaaan't wait.

  • AnonD-212903

Microsoft is coming back