Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE

Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE

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  • Shubham

Nokia logo..? Not microsoft logo..? no pure view in camera and only 1 mp front camera..

  • phone502

No proximity and gsmarena what video play this phone.

  • Anonymous

if cheapset 410,64bit and cpu a53 and front camera 5mp is better

  • phone

nokia ??? not microsoft ???

  • AnonD-361786

Y Nokia name is an it please tell me y some one

  • nawab saheb

if battery is 2500mah.
and price between 10k ..
than its rock the mobile world ..
i have i phone...
but nokia is my first choice..
before i am used only nokia and blackberry only.
wait for price and confirm battery ?

  • AnonD-86063

Ok,. I like this phone,.
I'm waiting ...

  • Anonymous supposed to be microsoft instead of nokia...==

  • AnonD-349892

Finally , some lumia phone that really makes point.