Microsoft Lumia 950

Microsoft Lumia 950

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2015 Microsoft selling priority.... budget lumia the in developed co... morenice and yeah...really non-affordable

  • harry

Very good it's arelly smartphone and 3flesh is awesome

  • Anonymous

Microsoft selling priority.... budget lumia the in developed countries, whereas unaffordable flagship in developing poor countries.
See, how their global market drop down to 1.8% in Oct -Nov.

  • AnonD-340618

ankdec24, 07 Dec 2015Does this phone supports OTG for usb?yes it does

  • ankdec24

Does this phone supports OTG for usb?

  • AnonD-340886

[deleted post]That 20mp camera is the back camera dude.. Not front...
20mp Zeiss optics cam on rear and 5 mp frnd cam.

  • Jocelyn Baldo

Wow! Great. 20MP front camera.

  • AnonD-447116

AnonD-471734, 04 Dec 2015please take a second look here: moreYou are right. They look better on the 950 camera.

  • nick

AnonD-470881, 06 Dec 2015i'm really struggling to deal with some complaints about this ph... morelumia 950 supports OTG

  • AnonD-470881

i'm really struggling to deal with some complaints about this phone being ugly
yea at the first look it may look not what we expected with the background we had from awesome lumia 930. but any further look makes me more in love with it, especially after watching MOZO products. thaose red and withe leather cases drives me crazy! they're f***in beautiful!! lumia 950 will look wonderful with them. if you didnt see them, just google "MOZO case for lumia 950", and thank me later ;)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2015Lumia 950 is only £419 sim free from Carphone Warehouse in... moreI thought I could beat you there but GiffGaff who also do unlocked phones is 449GBP so looking round Carphone is cheapest sim free.

  • Anonymous

Maverick, 03 Dec 2015Forget the new Lumias 950 and 950 XL. Prices are astronomical. I... moreLumia 950 is only £419 sim free from Carphone Warehouse in UK! Really keen price

  • AnonD-383187

Love the Lumia 950 XL. Continuum is very cool. Wireless charging, Glance screen, removal battery, MicroSD, fast charge. It syncs with my Windows 10 PC. Almost everything I wanted in a phone. Other phones are always missing a few things in hardware.

  • AnonD-471734

AnonD-447116, 01 Dec 2015The orange is actually the true color of that object in the pict... moreplease take a second look here:­;idPhone2=7262&idPhone3=7243&idCamera1=3­00302

using the DSLR as reference, you can clearly see the colours are more vivid in the 950 and rather incorrect in the iPhone 6S+, especially the red ones

and the Spongebob patch looks lively in the 950's shot

  • Anonymous

Biggest Drawback for OneDrive.
You cannot link / signup with multiple outlook accounts simultaneously like we can do in google..that's the only reason im stuck with android..with google we can link / sign up with multiple accounts simultaneously in google more sign in and signouts...

  • Admin

Phone specification is great. Maybe a successor for Microsoft. But please take care of third party applications. In our experience in previous lumia's app store is very bad. Lot of favored applications are missing. I always like & support Microsoft/Nokia. I accept/appreciate the quality, secure & standard of you. But please provide all application which is most popular in the market.

Wish you all the very best.

  • Ananth

Bomj, 02 Dec 2015Is this comment supposed to be a joke???Guess the guy never connected his phone to the internet ;)

  • Zoki

Nice specs phone.
And so pretty!!!
I might be buying it for Christmas 2018 when the price gets low enough.
I'm willing to pay 200€ tops for 950 and 250€ for 950XL(unless my fortunes dramatically changes of course)
In the meantime I have to settle with my soon to be 2 years old Lumia 520(okay model is what 3 years old,but I have it soon to be 2 years).
It was great phone in the beginning,but now I'm sick of it,though it still good enough for most things especealy after recent upgrade of storidge capacity.
I really like Metro user interface.
If 950 is still available in 3 years time at as stated before at no more than 250€,there is good chance,I'll pick it up.
In meantime I must upgrade to something better than Lumia 520,and no Lumia 550 is not an option because it already belongs in 2013.
I may have to jump to Android in the meantime,which freaks me out because I have seen Sony and Samsung and I'd rather shoot myself.
LG seems passable,but I don't know.
How pretty or ugly phone is,it's at the bottom of my worries.

  • HHH

The 3 G talk time mentioned in the review section is incorrect, its correct talk mentioned in the specifications section is 18 hrs . Windows Phones are the best OS phones as its far far better than android and apple in terms of battery life and it doesnt hang or lag like android does . Its a phone with features that can actually be useful and not just a show piece like other phones in the same segment .

  • Maverick

Forget the new Lumias 950 and 950 XL. Prices are astronomical. I've just got brand new Lumia 930 Black Gold for 420 EUR including all taxes, customs duties, etc. And Lumia 930 standard Black for 220 EUR, also BNIB. 600 EUR price for Lumia 950 is not justified. A couple of more cores, liquid cooling, blah blah blah,.. is it worth another 300 or so EUR? Nope. Finally, I love to see NOKIA letters on my phone than Microsoft, don't get me wrong, but this is how it goes.

PS Oh yeah, got the genuine Gold White cover off eBay for some 30 EUR so I can exchange Black to White and vice-versa in no time whenever I please. Great isn't it?