Microsoft Lumia 950

Microsoft Lumia 950

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  • Soumen

I am using lumia 535 it just awsome.

  • z1

200 GB sd card. Wow!

  • Andre Cohen

Ever since my Lumia 930 fell off floor and the screen got damage internally, I have given up on Lumia. The issue was not breakage, the issue was pathetic support from Microsoft service centers. Too much for a claim that the screen is horribly resilient.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-139514, 05 Nov 2015guys sad to hear lumia 950 and xl delayed in india...was expecti... morecan someone plz tell me when this will be release in the us?

  • AnonD-139514

guys sad to hear lumia 950 and xl delayed in india...was expecting Diwali release...newaz will buy in dec when released...thou my mozo cover will ship on 16th nov soo as I get my new lumia 950 will put the shinny new red leather with gold rim..will feel like limited edition phone... yeah...

  • Lumia user

AnonD-340886, 04 Nov 2015Don't listen to that rubbish... He doesn't know anything about L... moreI am also using Lumia 620 from 2 and half years. No hardware problem even after falling numerous times in concrete floors.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2015 student, I cannot afford this phone. lumia550 is not releasi... moreWhy not go for the Lumia 640?

  • AnonD-139514

AnonD-247099, 03 Nov 2015 moreDude plz stop trolling here...that article is rubbish and lumia 950 duos are rocking mobile 10 with one os and universal apps will grow and how...
Iam with windows since lumia 1020...iam def getting the lumia 950 and mozo cover already ordered...
Millons love windows... One man opinion doesnt change anything... I have never liked iphones...but have they sold less becoz i dont like it....same with windows 10 mobile

  • AnonD-340886

AnonD-247099, 03 Nov 2015 moreDon't listen to that rubbish... He doesn't know anything about Lumia.. He is not describing the actual problem that he is mentioning.. Am using Lumia 520 for 3yr. Now I updated with w10 preview...have few bugs but works fine on ma 512ram device..
If he is mentioning about the performance...let me ask one thing.. I played asphalt 8 (1.4gb) game on ma Lumia 520 no lags.. Can u tell a 3yr old 512mb ram android device which can do this..
About the apps .. The app gap has reduced much from last yr..
For media apps - vlc,moliplayer,video x player
For music.. Groove music (w10 mobile app)
For WiFi sharing -shareit,xender
For office work - Adobe reader, ms office.(ppt,word etc)..
For pic editing - camera 360,photo editor..
For maps - here map ,here drive etc..
Wat else u need...
Android started their development way ahead .. That's the only reason they have more apps..
And on a phone will u use 1 million apps.??. Windows has 500000 apps already n counting..
Also pls pls ..dont compare Lumia phones with cheap lagdroid phones which are worst in built quality..n only uses worst processor chipset like mediatek etc.. Ma Lumia still doesn't have any hardware/software complaint after a dozen time fall from ma hand

  • Tee

AnonD-247099, 03 Nov 2015 moreWhatever.........sounds like he just hates M$.....and who is he to tell anyone not to buy....its not he's money end of story.

  • AnonD-247099­es-not-care-about-windows-phone/

This article changed my mind.

  • AnonD-247099

AnonD-399383, 02 Nov 2015yes you can. text wrapping is built inMany thanks for the info guys...
I am planning to switch from my LG G2 to Lumia 950. I have an opinion that camera is the best in the smartphone market, it is lag free and very fluid. It is only battery endurance rating that remains to be seen.

  • Anonymous

student, I cannot afford this phone. lumia550 is not releasing in 2016.
No choice, have to order BLU Win HD LTE from Amazon on Friday.

  • AnonD-461783

Foolish company introduce with home button with finger print open and also with stereo sound dual speakers then maybe you will get back market

  • AnonD-399383

Santhosh, 19 Oct 2015Am waiting for this device in India Excellent specs. But gsma... moreshhee even i want this phone. but totally broke :(

  • AnonD-399383

AnonD-247099, 25 Oct 2015Can somebody of lumia users tell me if i can find web browsers, ... moreyes you can. text wrapping is built in

  • AnonD-399383

AnonD-247099, 25 Oct 2015So, you are saying there are no text wrapping applications for w... morefor text wrapping windows ,u don't need app to do this. its built in the OS

  • uday

Guys windows 10 supported android apps is this correct are not tell me

  • rollin

AnonD-247099, 25 Oct 2015So, you are saying there are no text wrapping applications for w... morethat person doesn't know what they saying, for overall OS you can resize font to whatever you like and screen would do scaling for you, you're good to go.

  • rollin

AnonD-92342, 30 Oct 2015Double tap to wake still there?yeah it's still there, you have option to double tap or no