Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

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  • Former Nokia Lover

Main review page says the 950 XL will have Gorilla Glass 3 and the 950 will have Gorilla Glass 4. The 'Hands On' page for the 950 says it'll have GG3 instead, and the specifications page for the 950 XL says it'll have GG4. What's real, here?

And now we wait if the rumors of Lumia 950/950XL are compatible with the Surface pen. If this is true, I'll be getting the 950XL that has a removable battery, memory expansion, runs Windows 10, and transforms into a PC through HDMI or wireless display connector.

Samsung would really be losing its hardcore users for the Note lineup. Hello, Microsoft.

  • AnonD-70078

AnonD-430013, 09 Oct 2015Does Lumia 950 XL supports surface Pen?Nope. I think there keeping that for the surface phone next year. So rumour has it

  • AnonD-282142

I'm going to save up to get the XL. I've always been interested in the platform but never left Android.

  • AnonD-430013

Does Lumia 950 XL supports surface Pen?

  • chris

wating for u bby.......

  • AnonD-18780

AnonD-383187, 09 Oct 2015Lumia 950/950 XL's camera put Galaxy S6's camera to shame. http... moreIt's quite natural. In my view Nokia's (now MS) image processing tech (Pure View) and Carl Zeiss optics are best in Mobile Photography. Korean photos are may look shiny and sharper, but I like the depth and color reproduction of Nokia.

  • iilink

I hope, microsoft will release some kind of Asus Padfone Docking. Superb mobile device, 3 in 1. HH, Laptop, and PC

  • Anonymous

Raghav, 08 Oct 2015SD Supports upto 200 GB, not 2 TB :)SDXC supports up to 2TB. :)

You are welcomed.

  • Clarifications

AnonD-426126, 09 Oct 2015Yeah. But 2tb is just theoretical right?2Tb is supported by the hardware. There are no 2Tb-cards out yet though, but when there is... Just put them in there.

  • Anonymous

lumialover, 09 Oct 2015Yeah, the browsing experience on WP is such wonderful experience... moreso this is a perfect fit for me. thank you:-)

  • AnonD-426126

AnonD-447116, 08 Oct 2015The lumia xl because of continuum ;)Both 950 and 950 xl has continuum

  • AnonD-426126

Anonymous , 08 Oct 2015I saw the announcement! It's 2TB, not 200 Gigs!Yeah. But 2tb is just theoretical right?

  • AnonD-426126

AnonD-48595, 09 Oct 2015Can u click images in RAW formatin this? If yes this is the top ... moreOfcourse. Lumias were one of the, if not THE first to introduce RAW capture. Android phones did not support it until Lollipop.

  • lumialover

AnonD-426126, 08 Oct 2015I am confused between Nexus 6p and Lumia 950Xl. Both have type-C... moreRead this. You can't find this features on other phones.­/microsoft-lumia-950-and-lumia-950-xl-top-5-feat­ures-youll-love.htm

  • lumialover

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2015i heard windows phones is the best for browsing. is that true?Yeah, the browsing experience on WP is such wonderful experience I ever had. No lag, fast, no virus detected scam ads like on android, can download any type of files unlike safari, butter smooth scrolling and nothing I can say anymore. It's just perfect to me.

  • AnonD-48595

Can u click images in RAW formatin this? If yes this is the top of my bucketlist!

  • prince

bigtisi, 07 Oct 2015Read the specs again. There is a sd card slot up to 2TB.cheers.what the..... U r saying? U know how much 1tb=? Then calculate 2tb=?

  • AnonD-383187

Lumia 950/950 XL's camera put Galaxy S6's camera to shame.­Oy3No

  • JunN

I hope WP10 can change the competition map... it should be epic since BB move to droid fever