Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

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  • AnonD-356023

HOLLY SHITT This Is the 20 MP Camera Previous one in just 13 Mp Camera I probably buy this phone.

  • AnonD-88838

No SD card and only 32GB storage epic failure Microsoft has no vision when it comes to hardware so I guess Lumia 1520 might be my last windows phone unless Microsoft comes to their senses 64 GB should be minimum if no sd card unless your a cloud person who doesn't pay for data. Wake up Microsoft

  • AnonD-251110

AnonD-269056, 29 May 2015Nice phone... Good battery, good display, good, ram and CPU... moreMaybe good for you o only 32gb . For me is to limitless on 32. Native 64 are way to expensive than a memory card 64 variant. My Nokia 1520 its on top but I need something new

  • Georges

Can't wait for this phone.... Rocked the L930 for a year, greatest phone. All I need is more juice, better camera and more battery life.

  • M.Palanivelu

Very nice specification. If you want to tell some negative things it can be 1) No dual sim, 2) No card slot.

  • tomakali

1.why do you need android when you have a device-shifting OS windows 10???

2.why do you need sd card when you have Onedrive, OTG, Bluetooth etc it even has NFC!

3.the only thing it lacks is Video@60fps
4.better if it has 25MP

anyway im looking forward to replace my Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020
still no successor worthy has arrived yet

  • shubham bhaskar

Good looking smartphon. The prosese and ram in more better

  • Anonymous

L 930 was also SD card free, so restricted usage. After 2 yrs 1520 is still champ with all it has is way ahead. Just forget it, 1520 owners you will get windows 10 definitely this year.

  • sohail

yea babay finally there something nice spec

  • Rakesh

It is just a rumours. don't worry. It has extendable micro sd card upto 128gb.

  • optimus

waste without card slot..!!

  • Mr Biggs

Great specs but I would prefer a 6" inch screen!

  • Mukesh

Samy, 29 May 2015Hope MS use new Android M in this :P :P......Y will they use Android m when they have windows 10 in progress.

  • AnonD-269056

Nice phone... Good battery, good display, good, ram and CPU, good everything. 32 GB is more than enough storage capacity so stop whining about the card slot

  • . . .

Super phone without sd card slot damn! lol

  • Samy

Hope MS use new Android M in this :P :P......

  • Anonymous

king, 29 May 2015dude u need to grow up, and android need to grow, u better ... moreMicrosoft Lumia phone build quality is declining and they are worst than Nokia Lumia phone wp is still light years behind compare to android he true that investing wp Is waste of money n time since lots of wp feature has been port to iso and android Microsoft never made good mobiles

  • Anonymous

every things so good but no card slot?! What a waste!

  • FSR

Fantastic ..... Looks awesome!

Mobilemaster, 29 May 2015The no memory card slot idea is very stupid these days, unl... more*unless you have a bigger internal storage than 32 GB