Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

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  • AnonD-363072

AnonD-379375, 06 Jun 2015Microsoft should release 940 XL2 with 6-inch display.Peopl... moreI agree,why not at least 5.7" display,I have 640xl and i like its size,5.7" display is perfect for me.5,2" display is too small for me.Sorry but im gonna keep my exellent 640xl

  • AnonD-401981

Dose it work for every Carrier?

  • AnonD-379375

Microsoft should release 940 XL2 with 6-inch display.People can choice also it too.

  • AnonD-403215

it has USB Type-C connector. great.

  • LostHand

I am waiting 1080p@60fps support -.-

  • LostMyHand

where is my 1080p@60fps video support !? microsoft come one !

  • AnonD-298487

rely nice this is the first official microsoft phone that release with 4k camera and display

  • dinesh

only 1 default card slot not there

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 2015Microsoft Lumia phone build quality is declining and they a... moreHey troll, dont waste ur time here. Microsoft lumia rocks. They are far better thn nokia lumia featurewise, quality wise same.

  • Anonymous

Samy, 29 May 2015Hope MS use new Android M in this :P :P......W10 rocks, crapdroid m sucks

  • Rk

AnonD-23378, 31 May 2015Request for all the microsoft users, If Lumia 940 XL is not... moreReal microsoft users dont need advise from a troll like you.

  • Anonymous

I have Nokia 830 gold is very good..l will love it after l read about 940xl..Nokia 830 gave me all thing I need ..l think buy 940 xl..but now..l thing no..

  • AnonD-394663

random, 01 Jun 2015no expandable memory, no point having it nice logic.

  • random

no expandable memory, no point having it

  • Carol

sheik, 30 May 2015Dude come on microsoft u can't understand there is better s... morePeople this days, don't understand the hardware but they want for more... As far as i know this are among the latesc cpu's... You want i higger cpu? Make it your self.... God, some people are annnoing.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 31 May 2015Oh no Microsoft! You still dont hear.. We need better speci... moreWow, the only spec. Sounding good is the expandable mem. The rest of what you want is less then useless.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-88838, 30 May 2015No SD card and only 32GB storage epic failure Microsoft has... moreYou need a lot of space for blue movie, better you take android

  • AnonD-23378

Request for all the microsoft users, If Lumia 940 XL is not with Dual sim, We should not waste our time and money to dance their tune.

  • RoundUp

I think no one who wrote comments here understand about this RUMOURS phone. All the information given are RUIMOURS. It's not officially published by Microsoft. Please check the status, RUMOURS.

Calm down pals.

  • AnonD-360737

None of flagship phones has ever been with dual sim.
If you can afford to buy a phone like this, you can just buy second normal phone just for calling & texting.