Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM

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  • vuhay

Shanks, 04 Nov 2015Which are the countries where this will get released in December... moreHello. 1520 is 4g supported. Just update the mobile. It works in Airtel and reliance jio 4g

  • AnonD-11368

[deleted post]Hi,
I want to switch over from android phone to Windows phone seeing it's specs. Have you used android before? What is your experience regarding windows phone? Thanks anybody for reply.

  • Uday

dibya, 04 Nov 2015guys please check out this phone size is 5.7inch it means 5 and ... moreDibya! seriously . come on dear , grow up.
Have you seen the specification of this phone or just notice this odd thing.

  • dibya

guys please check out this phone size is 5.7inch it means 5 and 7 the two oddno. so it showes this phone is also odd phone so never buy..

  • AnonD-11368

Guys one more question. Is there any specific windows phone forum? Like what we are seeing hundreds regarding android phone. I hope there should be many. Can anybody direct me to a good one? Thanks.

  • Shanks

Which are the countries where this will get released in December? When is this expected to be launched in India and at what price? Desperately waiting for this one. I have a 1520 since the last 14 months and am yet to find a mobile that will match it; only thing is the 1520 doesnt have the 4G band that works in India. Iphone 6splus - forget it - way too expensive and Apple 'innovating' by bringing in the 'Live' feature in its camera which Lumia has been having since the past 2 years - phew - and there are Apple fanatics who are wowed by it.

  • AnonD-11368

AnonD-461971, 02 Nov 2015Just check this out: moreThank you very much for your help. That's a light at the end of tunnel.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2015Dying for this phone specially it's been a long while since the ... moreWelcome

  • redropz

Feel worst,now days when i use windows phone,the limitations are getting more day by day,sorry to say android and ios thats the best,user friendly..these products knows what customer wants.

  • Genius

Hello Lumicrosoft...

Do not take too long to bring this phone to the market, the competition is stood and please remember that business thrives in being fast with grabbing the demand opportunity.

We have waited for almost two years, some may lose their patience.

Good luck, love Lumia 940 XL.

  • Anonymous

Dying for this phone specially it's been a long while since the 930 Lumia . Unfortunately it is taking a while and will be till December when the 950!is launched and with the launch of quite a few upper end phones now in the market I don't know if it's worth the wait as I need an upper end second phone. As android is not my cup of tea anymore my only choice is to buy another iPhone 6 s plus

  • Anonymous

AnonD-461971, 02 Nov 2015Just check this out: moreUnfortunately Microsoft has removed the bridge in their new mobiles that enables the download of android apps as they claim it degrades the phones software thus affecting the performance of the phone and thus slows it down tremendously.

  • Anonymous

Even before launch n Europe they have slashed prices by 33% by the time it launched another 25% to half. This has to happen to MS the way they destroyed Nokia. The pioneer company. Even 2 yes old model 1520 is still better in all ways.

  • AnonD-11368

I want to revert back to Windows phone while seeing this phone but I badly need one android application on daily basis. Is there a way to run an android application on Windows phone? I need your opinion please. Thanks.

  • AnonD-461414

jupiter, 31 Oct 2015Hi 1.i want to know about windos10 which lumia 950 can suport..... moreIn which hell do you live?
If you buy Windows Phone forget Android.
That's it and Android is for kids compared to Win10 mature and safe platform.
Yes, much less of useless applications on Windows.

  • AnonD-461414

AnonD-461380, 31 Oct 2015I Was Loyal to NOKIA, My Last nokia phone was lumia 920 i got it... moreBro, you are wrong with this one.
Windows 10 is whole new galaxy of improvements.
950XL is much, much more powerful than anything Apple and it is actually real PC in small form factor.
I didn't like Win 8 for several reasons and Win 10 is not cosmetic upgrade, it is new experience.

  • AnonD-461414

Lumia 950XL with Dual SIM is finally landing to planet Earth.
I need big screen, best map (Nokia maps), best camera (1520), best glass, best resolution, TWO SIM cards, full integration with PC, full integration with large monitor, wireless charge and YES Windows 10.
I use Win10 for 3 months now and it is the best far none OS on the planet.
Apple is ridiculous and snobby oriented machine these days, 5-10 years ago, I agree Apple had its advantages and NOT NOW.
Open your mind Andro and iPhone user and chack this miracle soon.
I dropped Apple few years ago and never looked back.
All applications for 99% of needs exist for Windows Phone and if some are not yet there, after 950 range they will for sure be developed. This phone is revival of Windows Phone ecosystem.
Thank you Bill Gates abd Windows.

  • AnonD-461380

AnonD-183128, 29 Oct 2015Hey you seem to know windows user phones. I wish to get to windo... moreI Was Loyal to NOKIA, My Last nokia phone was lumia 920 i got it because it was a nokia
But i Was disappointed and i found out it was REALLY BAD when i got an iPhone 5s, the Difference is HUGE.
i don't think WP10 (i haven't tried it yet) is very different from WP8
so i don't Recommend Buying a Windows Phone because it is disappointing
i still have my lumia but i dont use it anymore.

  • shivank

AnonD-183128, 29 Oct 2015Hey you seem to know windows user phones. I wish to get to windo... moreu have been misguided buddy... i know there are lesser apps in windows but all the daily use basis apps are there and the app market is growing day by day.... u just try it and i guarantee u that u will love it