Microsoft promises three years of updates for the Surface Duo 2

Ricky, 24 September 2021

Microsoft's Surface Duo devices run Android and following the event the company has confirmed that it plans to update the Surface Duo 2 with three years of updates. Microsoft confirmed this to Android Authority with the following statement.

We are committed to providing three years of OS and security updates,"
Microsoft promises three years of updates for the Surface Duo 2

The same was promised when the first Surface Duo was released. It's worth noting that the first-generation Surface Duo smartphone is still running Android 10. Microsoft did say it was working to update the Surface Duo to Android 11 "before the end of this year."

We acknowledge that Microsoft has taken on a lot with the Surface Duo. It's been refining the software and hardware since its release and a company as big as Microsoft should be able to keep up with updates with the Surface Duo 2. Since the Surface Duo 2 will arrive with Android 11, we have to wonder when the phone will be expected to receive an update to Android 12, naturally.

Microsoft promises three years of updates for the Surface Duo 2

This week, Microsoft held its Surface hardware announcement where it launched a few new Surface computers and a successor to the Microsoft Surface Duo. The Surface Duo 2 comes with a new triple-camera setup, updated battery, new displays, a faster chipset, and an overall refinement of the dual-screen hardware. It also now has NFC and curved inside edges of the screen which make it easy to see notifications and the time while the device is closed.

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  • Anonymous

Your brother should get updates until Android 12 just like poco x3 nfc, because both nokia and xiaomi provides only 2 major updates

  • Anonymous

Chipset includes efficiency, performance, and image signal processing

  • Anonymous

Why did he sold it for nokia 5.3 lol, downgrade in every aspect (camera, chipset, design, screen, storage speed, Bluetooth, charging, battery, RAM), should've bought samsung so the downgrade isn't that big

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