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  • Anonymous
  • 3qh
  • 14 Jul 2023

m k zaheer, 26 May 2023how to instal windos 10 pls tell meJust Download the tool to Upgrade it here and run it, it will install Windows 18 and eben keep your data and installed software of you want. Open this link on the Surface directly:

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    • Mike S
    • mE0
    • 04 Jun 2023

    I have had my surface for 18 months. The SSD has failed twice, both 1 month outside of warrantee. Customer service is an absolute joke processes they have are prohibitive to getting anything other than a stock answer. Takes days to get any sensible answers. If you are buying one factor for not having you laptop for 10 days and spending £267 for replacing failing components every 6-12 months.

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      • m k zaheer
      • 7tS
      • 26 May 2023

      how to instal windos 10 pls tell me

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        • Imran ali
        • KIf
        • 04 Feb 2023

        All Rounder, 27 Sep 2022how to install windows 10 in surface 1516Go to google and type windows 10 iso download and install windows form google and enjoy but first check system requirements first of your device

          I mean its a good device for school and workflow for when you need a netbook. Support ends in 2023 but there's a big modding community that managed to get windows 10 and linux on it, allowing for executables. Its limited in terms of Memory and space yet if you disable telemetry and bloatware it runs well. But yes, its meant to be a last resort device, though to get the best out of it you need to Modify it and install an unofficial windows 10 version. you are stuck on 32bit Executables. Heavier apps needing more then 2gbs of ram will crash.

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            • All Rounder
            • 6PM
            • 27 Sep 2022

            how to install windows 10 in surface 1516

              Wow, the first surface that started it all.

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                • harun
                • 2FY
                • 28 May 2019

                George, 07 Feb 2018Very slow, limited app, hard to carry around. Regret is fol... morethank you

                  Curt, 16 Oct 2018what is chuwiIt's split (mobile/desktop) OS and allows executables to be installed

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                    • Curt
                    • 8{q
                    • 16 Oct 2018

                    Vladimir Ashkenazy, 14 Oct 2017This tablet has the same flaw as Windows Phone, it is restr... morewhat is chuwi

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                      • George
                      • PEi
                      • 07 Feb 2018

                      Very slow, limited app, hard to carry around. Regret is followed once you bought it.

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                        • Vladimir Ashkenazy
                        • 3Ta
                        • 14 Oct 2017

                        This tablet has the same flaw as Windows Phone, it is restricted to the dead Windows Store. I'm using a Chuwi myself, which is split (mobile/desktop) OS and allows executables to be installed, and it ROCKS!! And at a fraction of the price of the real deal, and it must be said, the top range latest Surface tablets are the real deal, but too costly for me.

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                          • Ellis
                          • NuS
                          • 23 Jul 2016

                          Does the windows surface rt support whatsap?

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                            • AnonD-561395
                            • nCE
                            • 17 Jul 2016

                            It is the worst tablet. The touch image has a great instability, very frustrating, different from other tablets, software available is only that offered (eg. there is no mozilla, chrome search engine), many automatic updates not asked for. A microsoft account is required to use the tablet (if one loses the password the tablet is unusable and it is difficult to transfer the tablet), the tablet is heavy, sometimes it functions slowly, doesn't respond, sometimes brightness fluctuates.

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                              • 7Cp
                              • 07 Jul 2016

                              Dave, 07 May 2014My RT is the best combination of hardware and software that... moreDave, you have been lucky then. Mine is still a nice machine as a substitute for my e-reader but not a lot else. It is limited to the Win. Store, so no Firefox or Chrome. IE loads quickly. Last week a Windows update wiped out all my Mail. I was able to recover it eventually but it left me wishing storms and pestilence on MS.
                              I also don't like being restricted to one program at a time. I am a multi-tasker and the RT frustrates me. Pages in One Note disappear. I won't keep important files on this because they too may be gone on a MS whim.

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                                • ennbee
                                • 7Cp
                                • 30 Jun 2016

                                loved it until recently. Built in keyboard is a pain. Too little memory. Windows updates create havoc (applies to most Windows products). Hard to reawaken from sleep. Convenient but heavy for a small machine. I am keeping my options open for a new small laptop, as lately this isn't meeting my needs.

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                                  • AnonD-546874
                                  • 9xH
                                  • 09 Jun 2016

                                  Is this still worth buying? Is it getting windows 10?

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • MkX
                                    • 16 Apr 2016

                                    Anonymous, 26 Feb 2016Yes it will get Windows 10it will not receive windows 10 update

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                                      • marius9768
                                      • bxd
                                      • 23 Mar 2016

                                      hope you all think before buying this surface RT. prefer go to surface pro you can download any software.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Pxr
                                        • 26 Feb 2016

                                        Anonymous, 06 Feb 2016hi im planning to buy this tab. will it receive an update f... moreYes it will get Windows 10