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Still using my Surface Duo 1... love it. Massive amount of screen real estate, good battery life. Installed the Launcher app to customize the start screen. Works great. Every day someone sees me using it they are amazed. Now issues... USB port is fragile. There is the potential for small cracks in the glass around the port. I am using a vinyl skin to provide some support and have installed a magnetic USB dongle the same depth as the bumper to mitigate the problem where the USB cable is twisted when installing or removing. There are very few good options for cases. I continue to use a "bumper" solution but, they do not stay attached because the double sided tape is only approximately 3 mm in width. I am trying to use a third party bumper. Their double sided tape has also failed and I am researching to find the best stuff out there to keep the protection in place.

    Jeff , 18 Sep 2022Anyone still having issues with one side of the screen goin... moreYes, I haven't figured that out yet. But it seems to be either going into sleep mode or thinking the phone is folded backward. Mine does it while on a car phone mount.

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      • Arslan Umar
      • ITL
      • 05 Dec 2022

      it should have an outer screen like Nokia E90 or zfold3

        • J
        • Jeff
        • nxy
        • 18 Sep 2022

        Anyone still having issues with one side of the screen going blank i use google maps alot on both screens but then all of a sudden one side of the screen goes blank

          I left the S21Ultra for the Surface Duo and am happy with the experience. I have even gotten used to flipping the screens to use the camera. While not as good as the S21 Ultra cameras, it is still usable. The best part of the Surface Duo is the dual screens and their aspect ratio. Having two apps side by side is remarkable. (1) PocketBible + Word for teaching at church, (2) Google Maps + iHeart Radio for traveling, and (3) Camera + Edge to take a picture of a serial number and enter it into a website. (4) Zoho CRM + phone for contacting leads.

          I also like the rectangular aspect when spanning a movie across both screens. The rectangle seems a better look than the square of the open ZFold phone. Overall, the phone has been more productive for me in a work environment than a single screen phone. And the software updates have taken care of any bugs.

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            • need to buy
            • MVQ
            • 27 Jul 2022

            8/256 with dual boot (&roid12L and w11) be optimal for volte notebook 250grams and dual fhd-screens: smartohone + tablet + laptop + vr/oculus 🤣

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              • aikoN
              • pk7
              • 11 Jun 2022

              3577mAh ...say no more ...everything has been said already

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                • jonshipman
                • y9p
                • 07 Feb 2022

                No endurance rating?

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                  • Mikey
                  • 4bv
                  • 22 Jan 2022


                  Dragged one around for a few weeks. It's kinda of like a cross of the Galaxy Fold and an LG V60 with the 2nd screen.

                  Honestly I prefer the LG V60 since I can opt NOT to drag that bulk around all the time.

                    Dg, 04 Nov 2021One of the best devices in the world, better than Samsung z... moreI agree it!
                    Samsung’s foldable smartphones are too expensive for middle-class users.

                      Dg, 04 Nov 2021One of the best devices in the world, better than Samsung z... moreI know this is a joke lol. Ain't that many foldable out there yet. I like the device but let's be real, the software on it isn't good but it can be managed. The Z Fold is better than this on a overall scale.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • mip
                        • 05 Nov 2021

                        Dg, 04 Nov 2021One of the best devices in the world, better than Samsung z... morelol.

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                          • Dg
                          • m23
                          • 04 Nov 2021

                          One of the best devices in the world, better than Samsung z fold 3 and all foldables.

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                            • Egg
                            • Ic6
                            • 29 Oct 2021

                            Great-looking device that doesn't deliver. It lags, it freezes, the back screen spontaneously turns on when folded around, sound is unimpressive. Had to replace the Microsoft keyboard with Gboard because predictive text woudn't turn off. For a phone that had so much potential, Microsoft failed to deliver.

                              • T
                              • Thetruth
                              • jGx
                              • 28 Oct 2021

                              Love this device. Im happy Microsoft brought it to life.
                              So far the best experience I've had. Bought used recently. Using as my daily driver for about 5 days now. I get better use out of this then I would on an Apple,Google,Samsung etc device.
                              Pros:Productive use, beautifully designed, unique
                              Cons:Camera Quality, 6gb ram, battery stamina

                                I recently replaced my iPhone SE with the iPhone 12 Mini. I’m thinking to upgrade my Android device, that’s the Moto G4 Plus also from 2016, like the iPhone SE, that feels very outdated with the 7.0 Android, though it works fine.

                                I think the best option is the Microsoft Surface Duo, now that the price has dropped to $410 for the 128GB version or $20-30 more for the 256GB version, both locked with AT&T. Was thinking to unlock, of course.

                                I have my phone and main data plan on the iPhone and a second data only plan on the Android device that I use like a tablet.

                                The negatives people have about this phone, was thinking about it:

                                - doesn’t have the latest CPU/GPU: does it matter? as long as it’s snappy and permits two simultaneous applications to run. Will be much faster than by G4 Plus.
                                - doesn’t have the best camera: I have my DSLR’s and MIL cameras for that. As long as it can take a picture and Adobe scan it, will be fine.
                                - only 6GB for a flagship: I’m not paying “flagship” money. If that’s enough for browsing, office, YouTube and one or two applications more, I should be fine.

                                Wish Rogers could offer me this phone trough a cheap a plan, like they leased me the iPhone 12 Mini, but I think I will love watching something on YouTube and simultaneously checking all the facts on the web.

                                Using a mini laptop PC just isn’t practical, not even the GPD Pocket 2, since Windows wasn’t designed to be used with fingers, but with a keyboard and a mouse.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • tdu
                                  • 08 Oct 2021

                                  Anonymous, 11 Aug 2021did anybody try windows11 on this or windows on arm? is it ... moreI upgrade my Windows 10 to 11. Same performance as Windows 10, quite smooth, nothing special except the bigger "smallest" icons in the taskbar. I want it back to the previous size.

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                                    • DOCTOR JOE
                                    • u7V
                                    • 22 Sep 2021

                                    Good 9/10 RIP Windows phone

                                      This phone is not that good, and it just installs bloatware some people do not really need, but it is good in specs mostly, Should be like 12 MP cause most phones do have that. That's fine, it's decent.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • IVV
                                        • 12 Sep 2021

                                        John, 08 Sep 2021As much as I adore this phone, I'll wait for its secon... moreIf you notice the spec sheet, both screen does have an iPad-esque 4:3 screen albeit in the landscape mode. Personally, I don't mind Microsoft giving a taller screen aspect ratio since this phone has a rather thick bezel. If Microsoft can replace the portrait 3:4 (aka 9:12) screen with a portrait 9:16 screen, that would be sweet.