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Microsoft Surface Duo

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  • Paul

I use this phone for about 5-6 weeks now it's very good this is like a book you fold open. But there's a downside and that is there's no secondary screen, even not a very small one like on the Galazy Z flip. Other than that it's unique I often use it for videos because you can simply put the device on the table and flip it open while the hinge keep the screen in a certain angle you desire. Very convenient but also the bezel in between if you watch "fullscreen" is very annoying. Anyway I am content.

  • Nishant

OMG huge battery, I can easily use it for a week without charging.

  • AlienKiss

I like the design, I like the hinge system, BUT I think Microsoft is simply delirious with that old processor and price combo.
Wake up Micro, this ain't 2000, it's 2021! Ever heard of the Galaxy Fold? That makes this look like a bad prototype..
Also, No SD card slot = NEXT Brand!

  • Lol

1550 hahahahahah😂 50$ I give you for this phone

  • 1234567890

Its looks nice as a multtasking device...but old chipset(should have come with sd865+ as time of release), small battery, ugly big bezels, 128/256gb rom...for 1500 euros?? lmao cmon microsoft fix that pricing

Petty complaint, but Microsoft's launcher is just BLEH! UI looks so outdated and not at all optimized. Why does it even exist?

Anyone who buys this needs to toss that launcher into the trash and install an actual good launcher, like Nova or Lawnchair.

  • BoogeyMan

alphablaze, 11 Feb 2021look at those bezels from the last decade... it's alre... moreLolx!?

Old hardware. No thank you. But ok, I'll offer 200 dollars for the pro edition.

  • Dragonlord

Love microsoft, always lost their mind

  • alphablaze

look at those bezels from the last decade... it's already looking 4 years old.

  • Anonymous

2011 design

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2021WTF is this abomination? It's obviously not "8.1&... more1. First gen product of this type from Microsoft
2. A more usable multitasking device in a smaller form factor
3. Intended for enthusiasts with a primary flagship and business people
Also, I believe that the second gen will bring much needed improvements to cpu, battery and more

Must be a joke... Specs 🤣😂

  • Anonymous

Microsoft is kidding us...

  • Anonymous

WTF is this abomination? It's obviously not "8.1" since it.s not a single screen, and battery is ridiculously microscopic. And the camera is as bad as a tablet camera. And the price...

Why would a sane person want this?

US price - 825 EUR equiv.
Europe price - 1550 EUR


  • Ryan SurfaceDuo

the multi-tasking ability of this phone is nice and hard to give up. It is just like working with two monitors; you cannot know how good it is until you have it.

That said, this is like a beta test for what the Surface Duo should have been...

One of the BEST Features is how awesomely bright the screen is. I have had phones (flagships or high-mid range) that I could not see well in sunlight. This phone will light up a room if you hold it open.

The number of times that I felt like throwing this at the ground is sadly high. The camera is terrible. I am not talking picture quality (terrible as well but I can live with that)

I mean, the camera is front facing only. So you need to fold the phone all the way open. Then fiddle with the thing's gyro sensor/tap the screen to make the screen stay on the correct side... once you hold it up to take a picture there's a 50% chance it will flip to the other screen before you can take the picture. Because it senses that you turned it back over (while holding it in a traditional landscape position for a photo).

If you are like me and use screenshots a lot -- this phone captures both screens. I checked everywhere but there was no way to capture only the active screen and I have to edit the photo to crop out my other screen - for some reason when I use the default photo app to do this, it kills the resolution to a pathetic pixelated mess. Even though when the whole image is sent it is clear.

-PLEASE add a way to get pictures fast
-Add some kind of small LED on the outside to use as a flashlight and to give silent notifications (Red Green Blue)
-allow disabling one screen to save battery.

I actually love the whole productivity-first appeal of this smartphone. I don't even care about the two-year-old Snapdragon 855 chipset as it is still relevant in 2021. Heck, even the dual-display idea is so much better than having a foldable screen though it's not as versatile as LG's DualScreen case. But "Android" and "productivity" seldom go together in one sentence. If Microsoft released a Surface Duo successor with Windows 10X, I would immediately buy one. If Microsoft is still adamant about using Android, they better prep out a super useful Desktop Mode á la Samsung DeX.

winman, 24 Jan 2021forget what i siad (yes i changed my nickname) its just i d... moreMe neither, but a future full of x86/ARM hybrid processors will always be hundreds of times better than only and exclusively ARM.

mine, 24 Jan 2021ok that means apple are jerksforget what i siad (yes i changed my nickname) its just i dont like processor hybrids