Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

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Hey! Its Upgraded Version of ZTE Axon M......

Hey Guys I can make foldable phones like Microsoft does,
Instructions; you pay 700 us dollars
I buy 2 phones
And buy very sticky tape, waterproof
One side Samsung another side will be Xiaomi
And I get for the idea 100 us dollars

  • Anonymous

I have Gen 1 duo I prefer it over my Samsung fold 2 when it comes to multitasking. I have ordered this one and I do not think I'll have any regrets. My Duo always gets noticed and people are impressed by it.

7hh, 23 Sep 2021Im still confused about the advantages of this design over ... moreThere are not many. Of course there will be no crease, but I rather choose a crease than this ugly dual display design!

  • Anonymous

Is this phone support dual sim?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021with sd888 and this battery is DOA. You should tell that to the Vivo X60 Pro since it has the same SD 888 chipset but with smaller battery and non-adaptive 120Hz screen.

  • 7hh

Im still confused about the advantages of this design over folding screen.

Nice smartphone but it's a shame Microsoft couldn't use their own OS. It would have been nice to have water resistance.

Anonymoss, 23 Sep 2021Eh, judging by the specs this ain't bad, it's def... moreThe Neo concept intrigues me most. I just don't need my phone to do double duty but a tablet that can transform into a mini-laptop is pretty interesting. The Lenovo Yoga Book C930 was half-way there, just needed a proper 2nd display.

  • Anonymoss

Eh, judging by the specs this ain't bad, it's definitely looking like a big improvement from the Duo 1, although some things confuse me. The battery life on this will be interesting to see with the new battery and chipset.

Also does kind of make me wonder if they might revisit the Neo. I know it got cancelled, but it would be kind of interesting to see Microsoft bring it back from the dead, and add improvements to it like they did with the Duo 2.

  • Anonymous

with sd888 and this battery is DOA.

rizki1, 23 Sep 2021yes i know, do you know why Microsoft released first gen du... morethey were not ready for marketing during the time of announcement, software for a dual screen phone was not ready too...

  • Anonymous

Unfolded: 184.5 x 145.2 x 5.5 mm
Folded: 145.2 x 92.1 x (11 mm - depends on which end you measure it, with the camera bump it won't be 11 mm)

this is misleading as there is camera bump, they should have made it fold seamlessly as gen 1 despite the bump with some concavity on the opposite panel or something

sohail shafayat, 23 Sep 2021that was Microsoft Surface Duo and was released in August/S... moreyes i know, do you know why Microsoft released first gen duo a year later?

I want a bar form regular Surface Mobile

rizki1, 23 Sep 2021time flies so fast, I remember leaked news or something abo... morethat was Microsoft Surface Duo and was released in August/September 2020, and this is the second generation Microsoft Surface Duo 2

PMKLR3m, 23 Sep 2021Unsuccess attempt number2If it really is unsuccessful, why would more people buy a used first-gen model? If you see the activity at r/SurfaceDuo, you can see that there are real buyers out there.

a 2nd one? k then

The price is like fold phones and the screen to body ratio is bad to look.

  • Anonymous


THIS ONE: 11mm (very impressive)

MATE X2: 14.7mm

Z FOLD 3: 16mm

MI MIX FOLD: 17.2mm