Microsoft's Surface Duo to come as early as July

Ro, 15 June 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak messed with Microsoft's plans more than once forcing the company to postpone its Windows 10X launch. One would think that the much-anticipated Surface Duo Android device is also being delayed but according to a new report, the company might actually be ahead of schedule.

Microsoft is allegedly rushing things to announce the device before the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, which is coming on August 5.

Microsoft's Surface Duo might be announced in the following weeks

That would mean the announcement will happen in the following weeks, so Microsoft has enough time to build some hype ahead of the market release.

Of course, it's hard to verify the report and Microsoft still hasn't announced any changes to its plans, which were for a Holiday quarter release. We will be on the lookout for more information.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

I loved windows phone, it was my favourite operating system and I used it right up until support was officially ended, I was fully ok with the app gap, there were always work arounds, but windows phone is just not usable today, at this point it's not...

  • Anonymous

Don't be such a fanboy man, it was efficient but faster processors made that advantage irrelevant, the interface was innovative but it was blocky and lifeless, the settings menu was like dumped text and functions were not categorized, quite frankly i...

  • Anonymous

Actually they lost the war they didn't actually learn anything, expect their dual screen interface that they have built over android to be patented, the device will work and look as Windows 10X but will run android apps.

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