microUSB to become the standard charger plug in the EU next year

30 December, 2010

As we say goodbye to 2010, the European Union says goodbye to un-standardized phone chargers. It's been over a year in the making, but microUSB will be the standard charger plug for European mobile phones starting next year.

The European Union first announced their plans in June last year and major phone manufacturers quickly signed the memorandum. A few others signed later on.

Currently the list includes: Nokia, Apple, Samsung, LG, RIM, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Huawei, Alcatel, NEC, Emblaze, and chip makers Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Atmel. This covers the majority of phones you'd care to buy.

Convenience is one thing to look forward to. No more carrying several chargers for each device - just one will do (or even a microUSB cable and a computer). The switch to the microUSB standard has environmental benefits as well, as each year 4,000 tons of old, incompatible accessories get thrown out after the user upgrades.

The first phones complying with the new standard are expected to come out early next year. Of course, many phones already use microUSB for charging but from now on, if you buy a new phone from one of the signatory manufacturers you'll be guaranteed that it will charge off microUSB.

In Europe anyway. But we're hoping that the phone makers will use the standard globally rather than create Europe-specific versions with microUSB.



Reader comments

  • andy
  • 03 Jan 2011
  • mDi

and as of course wikipedia is the most reliable source you can find

  • sunday
  • 03 Jan 2011
  • ftV

Don't worry guys once the micro usb charging for are lunched in europe. No doubt, the already unlock phone will get to us here in Africa most especially Nigeria. We are on course too.

  • saurabh
  • 03 Jan 2011
  • iE0

To be more enviornmental friendly, after some time manufacturers should stop giving micro USB charger and data cable with new phone, as in some time almost every mobile phone user will be having those from there old phone also it will bring down the ...

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