Mitsubishi M750

Mitsubishi M750

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  • Anonymous

Singapore Singtel is having promotion. selling at $273 for this phone. no trage in and with 21 mths contract

  • Randy

I've been using M750 for two months. I found its Java game has much to be improved, because it just allows a name editing of 6 letters, which makes it very unconvenient for game players. In addition, I found no function for online video play and for memory cards such as MMC.

  • unknown

can this phone shoot videos??

  • nanach

Where can i buy the m750? is It available in southeast Asia or Australia? i really like da fone thankz.

  • ri

does this phone hv chinese reading & input?

  • Anonymous

this is one of the best camera phones around(Same camera as M720).
See to believe it at­d=24&id=1072&pg=5
You can compare it to Samsung's E700 at­=967&cid=24&pg=3

  • Phone Consumer.

If this phone god bluetooth, then it will be one of the best phone in town. The colors is so vibrant, poly tones is so rich, the screen is so clear, the infrared is so versatile, etc.....

Good phone to buy if you want a very good camera phone with Java enabled. 9.9/10. try it for yourself and you will love it.

  • lalalla

does this phone got bluetooth?

  • rUffles

This phone has Java, which the M720 is lacking.

  • hi

This phone is available in singapore now. release by singtel at S$398 with contract and $598 without contract

  • Kjartan

Looks very good, any date on when it could be expected?

  • jj

toyota ONLY produce cars

  • Geo

Any toyota phones? =P

  • Ah Boy

This is exactly another version of M720. Their sizes, functions, speeds and memories all the same! Just that this phone looks different... Mitsubishi should improve on their previous phones, not just create another identical one.

  • Panaman

That's right! Mitsubishi produces everything, not only cars. I have had some Trium phones that only seem to work properly on a certain network. I hope these models will work smoothly on all networks. The return of the three diamants is surprisingly good, that's for sure!

  • Anonymous

Mitsubishi produce very good mobiles.

  • jj

who says mitsubishi only produce cars? They produce home applicances, aircraft, chemical, paper, machinery, food... They provide banking, real estate, logistic, insurance, communication, enviromental service too

  • Dr_T610

go back to cars damn it, you are better at it mitsubishi!!!

  • hallo

this phone is almost the same as m720,it just that it add in Java,picture quality and the other function are the same,not much new,just the design is better........