Mitsubishi M750

Mitsubishi M750

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  • ExpertCMX helalsedek

LOL, I never knew Mitsubishi made phones.

  • serwar

my mitsubishi M750 Some problem in camera software select camera but mobile hang

  • Prashanth

I have a mitsubishi m750 handset. I have some problem with my camera software. If i select camera option my mobile hangs. can any1 help me

  • sagar samrat

m750cell is very nice n best against another company,but i got problem when i dial 1414 to recharge account it doesn't responses anything i lost this facility on my cell.what to do ? n i need to data cable how can i get this 1,this set is single piece in nepal can u help me? pls

  • Anonymous

How to transfer photo to pc

  • Amol

ned software for m750 handset to transfer photo to pc via IrDA

  • Anonymous

How to transfer java games to the M750? It's seems that i can only tranfer the jar files and it is transfered to the other files instead of the java file....and the games can't be can anyone pls help me?
E-mail me at Thanks

  • paul

640x480= 307200 pixels. Then, we call 0.3M pixels.
Example: 2048x1536 pixels = 3.2M pixels

  • squid

hi all. for m750, can anyone tell me how many megapixels the VGA camera is?i dont understand 640 x 480 pixels!

  • sid

Its a lovely fone for the price i got it at,it was well over worth it.I sold mine of in 4 months coz i wanted to get a samsung d500 but while i had it, i must say the designers thought the phone through preety well.Mine had a small prob tho,it would switch off and upon restarting,a japaneese msg wul apear telling me the battey was disconnected.But overall its a good phone!!highly recomended!

  • titan

a bit too bulky... but got nice, clear camera for a reasonable price... I ended up clicking away with the phone for the whole day..

  • Mojibur Rahman

I need software CD of Mitsubishi Mobile M 750 to download from Moblie telephone set to Computer

  • fanny

nice camera on it, it is really terrific, not expensive cellphone but has the most expensive colour


mohidul from bangladesh.very nice mobile doubt about it .so many options,very reasonable price.price tk 15000.

  • Tuku

I am Tuku in Bangladesh.This is a very good mobile phone.Price is very low 9,999TK only.

  • ben

ya...u can write chinese

  • z

stupid phone. no conference function and line get cut off when u answer the 2nd line. no call waiting function and camera not durable. have tons of bugs(when SMS and call comes at the same time.. call will ring. u answer and the sms tone will ring right into your ears!) lousy buzzer and sound record quality. dictionary is hard to use.. simple interface but plain simple funtionality too. nothing much just a plain and over-rated phone.

  • hxs

does this phone read / write chinese character? anyone can tell me? thanks alots..

  • maseeha

Check whether you have enabled the auto switch off feature on.

  • maseeha

i am from india. i bought this phone few days back. No doubt it has a wonderful camera. The Ir port is very comfortable.The polyphonic sounds great. if anybody from india interested in getting this phone mail me at..
bye.. bye..