Mitsubishi M750

Mitsubishi M750

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  • shahid fazal sajib

its really very coll!! i boought it from bangladesh.but i dont have the data cabel and also the software it available in bangladesh? pleasse inform me as ealy as pposible.

  • MeWQ

Question please....
My M750 will turn it self off and when i turn it on it says DO NOT REMOVE BATTERY and other japanese words that i don't understand. It happens so often to my cellphone. does it happens to other M750? can anyone tell me whats the problem?thanks

  • S.M. Toufik

I need mitsubishi m750 data cable.
So, pls inform me how can i purchase this data cable.


  • Mark

i have a M750 mitshubishi cell phone and i kind of droped it and the cover of the cell phone got scratched and broked off some pieces of it. I was wondering if i can change it if it is possible... and if yes, please tell me where can i find one! P.S. can you tell me where in the Philippines i got get some!

  • Jeffrey

this phone had a fantastic camera & main color screen. however dirt/dust can get into the screen easily and pose a disturbance to ur viewing. other than that, the hp had a slow processor and the keypad are always slow to response. lastly, this hp is too big for ladies. if there are removeable covers to get ride of the dust, it can be better.

  • Bharat

Hello All,

This is one of the best products i have ever baught. However i am looking for the data cable. I am in India. How ever i need infor for the data cable for this model. M750. Can any one provide it.

Thanks and regards,

  • Larry ong

This M750 Japanese cellular phone is amoung its best in its category.Brillant colour,its styling,pure polyphonic sound and abudunce features are one thumb up than its competitors.
There is one minor handycap about this phone.Can any one knew about the availibility of its battery and data cable?Icould not find it in Malaysia.

  • Aka

Hi All Where from can I download Games for M750? please give me a link

10x before hand

  • xHoNzx

when i access through wap i only see 1 game under download section!! anyone know how to view other games under the wapsite?

  • miya-sama

ok i just got M750 and it rocks, the vga camera is very clear, althought its TFT it looks abit bluey at times but still its 262k!! i've download afew wallpapers and the color is better than sony ericsson! ofcoz better than nokia 10x! to guys out there, there is no need for u to download software, just install/plug ur IrDA and activate ur m750 infrared and place the IR port to ur IrDA adaptor, ur computer will read and communicate with ur phone, and then u can just simply drag n drop files over, vice-versa same as how u did transferring with M320 etc..Cheers! u can find the datacable in Singapore at the Service Centre at Alexandra Road, beside IKEA :) i think the battery life has to be improved though. overal this phone is 9/10 !

  • Nueng

Hey Friends,

I've just bought M750 for my new year gift. It's totally cool for me. (My former one is M320, I love it too!)

However, I've some problems:-

1. Could u let me know how can I move out the operation logo from the main screen.

2. Could u let me know the info of PCsync cable.

Thanks in advance.

  • james akanji

mitsubishi m750 is one of the best phone that i have ever seen in my life i pray to get one

  • vanan

M750 is the best.... i love my phone.....

  • Claudio

Dear Sir:

I need the software for PC connectivity of my Mitsubishi M750 phone. I would appreciate if you can send me the link from where I can download the software.

Thanks / Regards,

  • k

motorola c350 is more better than mitsubishi m750

  • Anky

I'm used M750,can i hear radio from M750 or make video with this Phone?Please answer my question to my mail

  • Anonymous

hi. i need to know whether the voice clarity is it that bad? i am interested in buying the fone.. thanx and is it user friendly.. esp the sms

  • aaur4

Dolly, the only way is to buy an IrDa Adapter.

  • aaur4

hello.. I downloaded the Java games but i cant enable sounds! are there supposed to be any sounds for Java games?


I have M750 hte problem is i cannot download the pictures datacable avaiable in singapore....what is the alternative ???