Mitsubishi Trium Mars

Mitsubishi Trium Mars

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  • Gary

Although I am very pleased with my Trium Mars, there are a few points that I feel could be improved - 1, The hands free/speakerphone option needs to be available at any time and not just during a call (and when you use it in a car it is too quiet). - 2, All of the ring tones are too quiet. - 3, The fixed stump aerial could be replaced by a retractable so it isn't constantly getting cought on things. 4, Isn't it about time that phone manufacturers included a desktop charger as standard (rather than the naf "phone-on-a-string" attempt at technology). - 5, Downloadable Ring tones and graphics would be nice.

  • ian


  • Geoff Duke

I'm sure that data cables and PC software for the Mars Trium are as rare
as hen's teeth but that appears to be the only way currently that
customisation is possible. A case of marketing and designers not talking
I guess. Mitsubishi GET IT SORTED and STAY COMPETITIVE. Other than
that it works fine for me and it works very well with AOL as I can view
the e-mails from my main account. All four bars on the signal strength
indicator need to be displayed before internet connections are possible

  • ryan

i think this phone looks and would perform good for should i say excellent for anyone any age

but what games does it have ? it dosent say

  • drug Tito

Ovo je zadnje govno!!!

  • dipen loomba

how is the handset???
how does one use the calculator my handset doesnot show it
can we upload some game,tones, etc.

  • Kate Turner

Excellent mobile with WAP. Great features included. Ive had no problems with my mobile. But there is one thing i was wondering about i was told that a ring tone composer was included into the menu but i cant find it, is this how its supposed to be or can you get them off of the internet??? Thanx Kate

  • Vojo

  • Daniel Kojnok

At the first time it was a bit strange, but after a bit of time it became more and more friendly to me. Now i like my Trium Mars very much. Although i have some problems: It just turns off without causes.

  • peanut

i brought this phone the trium mars and im looking for a site where i can get new ring tones or even a set of new menu graphics and things like that if you know of a site could you email me the address if you dont could you email me to tell me its not posipel or if its just somthing you dont know

  • Radeanu Mircea

i wanted to tell you that i am very pleased about my MARS, even though it can't compete for real with a NOKIA phone. i just want to ask anybody: where is the calculator, because i don't have something like this in my menu

  • Zachary Malik

Just bought one as it was the second cheapest wap set i could find, the cheapest one being a chunky motorola which had some sort of bra akin to those you see on american sportscars. It is nice and cuddly, I was very surprised to find that it had a better data transfer rate than either the ericsson or siemens wap sets which I originally looked at. Not heavy on features but all in all - excellent value.

  • Mike Hewitt

Great. Dinky GSM packed with features incl. WAP. Where to find details of the cable and associated software.

  • Gabor Nemeth

Mitsubishi Trium Mars unlock software

  • Kammy

Great! Excellent! But no Picture oder ringtone alternatives.