Mitsubishi Trium Mars

Mitsubishi Trium Mars

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  • Lex

Lex, 20 Mar 2019After 18 years, it is still running as my daily driver!My Trium Mars is 18 years old now, still in use.

  • Manjeet

124, 07 Sep 2019my.1st phoneMine too.

  • 124

my.1st phone

Even before Alcatel, I had my cutest phone. I loved it, maybe even now. ❤️

  • Lex

After 18 years, it is still running as my daily driver!

my first phone too!!!

quite nice for the time

I remember i had some keyboard probmems

  • Vasanth Rao

This was my first phone purchased in Chennai, in the year 2000. Very robust phone and cute to hold in the hand. My the cutest in those times.

  • AnonD-667794

Mally, 01 Jun 2014I've had my Trimu Mars since 2002 for emegencies so don't u... moreThis is for the external antenna connection

  • AnonD-603510

Wow!! my first mobile phone..!!

  • Anonymous

My very first phone!!!!! LOL!!! Great phone though.

  • Mally

I've had my Trimu Mars since 2002 for emegencies so don't use it much. The other day the battery was low and the phone turned itself off. When I tried to turn it on again it wouldn't and just got a message saying mobile phone malfunction. Charged the battery but still get the same message and it won't turn on. Anyone know how to fix this please?
Also there appears to be a button on the back of the phone near the antenna. Anyone know what this does?

  • Anonymous

My 1st

  • AnonD-238431

Had it in 2001.
Awesome phone.
Just awesome.
I liked the design a lot, sturdy, nice UI, long battery life.
Too bad the keypad started to fail after just two or three years. A pity.

Also, weird charger.

But very good nonetheless.

I was suffering of a bad case of Nokia envy and underappreciated it at the time.

If you can find it AND the keypad is fine get it.

  • Tim H

Cris, 25 Jul 2012This was my first phone. Great phone. Very durable since it... moreI had a Trium Mars back in the day. It was my 2nd phone and was tiny in comparison to the 1st one. Everyone else was going Nokia so I wanted something different. I seem to remember that it was a good phone and was the only one to get reception in valleys. Must be the HUGE ariel it had. Only problem was its constant freezing up, sometimes for hours. Shame really as that was the reason i replaced it. Wonder where it is now??

  • Cris

This was my first phone. Great phone. Very durable since it fell twice from the balcony of our second floor into the ground floor yet still rockin'.

The only thing bad about this phone was its keypad. It starts to become soft after a year or so, and then when you press a key, it's either you get 2 numbers/characters inputted, or no response at all.

You don't need extra batteries after a year. Extra keypad, more likely.

  • Anonymous

My first mobile it was back in 2000. One of the smallest phones back then. It used to turn off by itself, but probably because it was unlocked from another network.

  • baki6120

Sudipto, 26 Aug 2010Hi this was my second mobile phone after using a Ericsson G... moreHi,this was my first mobile phone :)
I've had problems with the keyboard a few times I changed the keyboard but in the end I came to a simple solution, here's how, I took a sheet in which the package of chocolate and pieces of foil cut and pasted on each key inside the place where the key comes in contact with cells and proved to be excellent, the keyboard works flawlessly. If you still have a phone that's the solution:)

  • Sudipto

Hi this was my second mobile phone after using a Ericsson GA 628 model . Everything as far as the mitsubishi is concerned was fine except the keypad. After using for one year , the keypad use to fail

  • Raco

yasir, 25 Jun 2006i have been using trium j11c 9838 for the last three years ... morehi. this was my first phone. I've been using it for more than 2 years. it was great. i have the same problem as you. it says phone permanently blocked. i really want to solve this problem. i took it to a service, worked for 10 minutes (i was very happy when i saw that), and than crashed for ever. dose anybody know how to solve the problem? it was a good phone.

  • MA

Ragnorak, 24 Jul 2008I became intrigued with the idea of reviving my old Trium M... moreHI...there...
from where did u ge those batteries(website???)
Can I get the handset from there... could you suggest me some site whereinn i can enquire for this handset(even refurbished one would do)....