Mitsubishi Trium Mars

Mitsubishi Trium Mars

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  • peter

yasir, 25 Jun 2006i have been using trium j11c 9838 for the last three years ... moreDid you get an answer about your texting problem. I have a similar fault as it fails on sending text on two Mars phones! Thanks

  • peter

Ragnorak, 24 Jul 2008I became intrigued with the idea of reviving my old Trium M... moreIs your Mars still working? As a practised Texter can you tell me why mine fails when sending! I have been given the Mitsubishi Call Centre number as +447802092035 but his does not work on my main phone or my Mars spare phone! Is the SIM faulty or is there something else I am missing. Thanks.

  • Jason

I am looking for Trium Mars data cable. If you have it, please contact me by email.

  • Fran

Fran, 10 Nov 2008Hi there, This was the first mobile fone I ever got about ... moreIt;s ok, just found the button i was looking for....LOL

  • Fran

Ragnorak, 24 Jul 2008I became intrigued with the idea of reviving my old Trium M... moreHi there,
This was the first mobile fone I ever got about 9 or 10 years ago.
Ive just dug it out as my samsung is on its way out so thought Id see if my trium would charge up for me to use until i got a new fone.
Thing is goodness knows where my manual is.
Its on charge (i think, as theres no life but ive forgotten how to turn the fone on, which button is it ??
It may be done now and totally useless but wanted to try it.
thanks a lot

  • ivan

Best phone ever.......and ever....and ever...and ever...... :)

  • Ragnorak

I became intrigued with the idea of reviving my old Trium Mars after writing a review for it here, so searched the web and was suprised to find a compatible battery still for sale (3 times cheaper than the last one I ordered) so bought that along with an artistic set of new covers and black keypad. Hopefully the latter item should last much longer this time as I won't be using it for wap now! It's still a fab phone for calls and texts and has a style of its own that can't be found today.

  • Ragnorak

My first ever wap phone! This opened up a whole new world to me when I first got it 7 years ago. Surfing was expensive back then but luckily my network ended up doing offering good deal after the first couple of months which were free. The phone itself I thought was designed brilliantly, and it took me a while to learn all the intricacies like how to add words to the T9 dictionary. One regular annoyance was that it'd occasionally freeze and switch off upon disconnecting from wap, but otherwise it was a pretty smooth browser for its day. The keypad, while initially very comfortable, proved to be a big let-down as the effectiveness of key presses gradually decreased over time to the point where I'd struggle to type anything 18 months later. Fortunately though I found a place that sold replacement keypads (they were easy to change) and bought one along with a much-needed new battery. After another year when it began to give up the ghost again I finally upgraded to a Trium Eclipse which had GPRS and a colour screen but was quite similar in many respects. That's another story though... I still have my Trium Mars but the battery is long dead, so it's simply a piece of nostalgia now.

  • Anonymous

My first phone - 60 euros - used it till the keypad failed. WAP was c**p and too expensive - but hey - it worked for at least 2 years. - Hated the antenna though.

  • Anonymous

wow, my first phone - now that is a blast from the past...


one of my first phones,i do remember the nice and loud ringtones,the animated display,but below par battery.i lost it after a few months of use during a bus ride.but,being a rarity here in india, i had the pleasure thinking how the dishonest finder would fail to recharge the battery.

  • MikeyB

This was my second phone. It was a great little phone, and I would've kept it if the market hadn't outdated it so quickly/I hadn't changed networks.

The WAP was great, the battery life was great, and the handset itself was nicely designed. I'd say ergonomic, but it wasn't exactly.

The keys were a bit too rubbery even back then, but they were nicely spaced and responded well.

Although I can't remember them well, I remember being impressed with the features. It was rather stocked, so to speak.

  • simon

Had the phone 4 years and it has been a great budget phone. Still works well and reliably but now showing age:
- slightly cracked round antenna
- some keys are failing
- rear cover is a little loose
WAP function for me is a waste of time.

  • yasir

i have been using trium j11c 9838 for the last three years it turn out to be an exellent cell phone.unfortunately it is showing a message"phone permantly blocked"can u plz help?

  • Anonymous

is this handset nuclear powered?..or been in a nuclear waste dump for a day..if you ask me it should be sent back to mars!

  • Anthony

My trium phone battery is not in effective very well again,but after i changed the battery it's not working again but it's showing contattare fornitore

  • tasha

i love my phone, but everybody takes the mess. i carnt see why. it is absolutly adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gre

one of da ugliest fones ive ever come a cross. mitsubishi is good with wheels but not good with fones

  • Brian Hibell

How do I set the correct time on the clock?


  • chisom

i want to know the lock code of mitsubishi trium phone.