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Modu Phone

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  • timmy

can you actally use the phone without any jacket? i want the the phone without any jacket >.

  • Gigi

The modu phone has many features:
Modu Jacket Night,
Modu Jacket Sport,
Modu Mini Jacket Silver,
Modu Mini Jacket Blue,
Modu Mini Jacket Pink and of curse
Modu Rama foto Red

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 May 2010where can i buy extra jacket?you buy at any globe business center or maybe to lynk communication inc. the official distributor of modu

  • Anonymous

LMAO this phone has an AMOLED screen xD

  • AxeL

Hi all, 1st of all im a new owner of MODU, and my dilema is about how much should stay in stand by my MODU?,
becouse i need to recharge every night becouse he dont make it over the next day.
So my MODU stay charge only a day, this mean almost 24 hours.
plz reply me at

  • Anonymous

where can i buy extra jacket?

  • Zeno

I just got this. Only SIM contacts show up on missed calls and texts. Phone memory contacts appear as numbers. Anyone know how to change this?

  • Anonymous

VIP, 01 Apr 2010No camera... ugly jackets (except sport and frame) How do ... morethe night jacket has camera.

  • VIP

No camera... ugly jackets (except sport and frame)
How do you use the photo frame jacket if the phone has no camera ?!? Rubish ?!?

  • Andddrey an MP3 not a phone..

  • Gita

You can already buy online from MobiCity. I have one now and it is very tiny and cute and the photo frame jacket is the best.

  • paolo mapalad

Modu Phone is available in the Philippines to Globe Bsuiness Centers, it is a cool and unique Phone.. I like it so Much!!!

  • Anonymous we need a review