Modu Phone

Modu Phone

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What shall we name this phone?

  • AnonD-647636

Somebody plz help me out that how can I purchase this phone(modu phone)........Plz somebody place your opinions.....


I buy one but i need bettery for it its nice

  • AnonD-236762

where i have to buy it

  • raju

I need this phone ,,any can tell me where it is available!!!

  • sam147

heya i need a modu mobile ya.,.,really love this phone,..,

  • TNT

Fábio, 07 Dec 2011I have this phone for 10 months now. I love it. I'd call it... moreHey,how is it battery wise an can it be used for apps too?

  • AnonD-72886

i am honestly looking from Azerbaijan for buying a Mudo phone,needs your help where i can buy it. thank you

  • feri

hi, iam realy intrestetd and wana buy but cant find the adress, my mail.

  • Bhavik

Dear Sir Madam,

Can you give me Address of Shop where this Phone available in Hong Kong. I want to buy this phone so Give address and contact no so i can call them and buy phone.

Awaiting for your reply....If possible Can you email me Shop detail in Hong Kong??

  • Dean

emizzy, 09 Aug 2012This phone is nice where can I buy it in bulk and in nigeri... moreCome to 179, Herbert Macaulay Street, Yaba, Lagos. Ask of Mr. Saleem

  • emizzy

This phone is nice where can I buy it in bulk and in nigeria this is my. Email

  • znifflla

Fábio, 07 Dec 2011there is no voice-recordingof course it doesnt because there is so good comercial ;)

  • znifflla

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2011I own the modu phone, close to a year now. is a very good ... moreyes there are a lot of things let in the air on this

  • znifflla

anyone know about modu pc suite?

  • reneboi

do you have store in china where i can buy the modu phone?

  • joy egharevba

My modu phone is locked and can't found sim card,I don't know Whot to do,I need help pls.

  • Anonymous

i'm interested in buying Modu Phone....can anybody inform me about its availability and price in India.....

  • bla

@nodas: try

  • krish

i need to find a light weight mobile can available this modu phone now in dubai.....?