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  • 19 Jan 2012

mafe, 15 Jan 2012i have a modu but i can't used because it is blocked. som... moreI am looking for a small mobile phone and i learn about the MODU PHONE. Can someone helpe me where i can find to buy one?

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    • mafe
    • 4H1
    • 15 Jan 2012

    i have a modu but i can't used because it is blocked.
    somebody know how I can use? I bought in Honduras and I am in Colombia but there do not know like unlock it.

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      • pU5
      • 09 Jan 2012

      Does anybody know where can i buy a modu 1?

      A used one would also be acceptable.

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        • mEA
        • 31 Dec 2011

        help ! my modu doesnt start anymore after i charged it with the usb cable on my laptop

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          • Fábio
          • 8K0
          • 07 Dec 2011

          I have this phone for 10 months now. I love it. I'd call it "hte perfect phone for anybody who doesn't realy want to carry a phone but needs to carry one" ;-)
          There's a new small phone called "Willcom WX03A". Size is comparable, wheight the same, but it got full keys, but surely will be more expensive

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            • Fábio
            • 8K0
            • 07 Dec 2011

            there is no voice-recording

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              • Fábio
              • 8K0
              • 07 Dec 2011

              anybody having problems with reloading Modu, try inserting the sim farer to the phone.

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                • kiP
                • 03 Nov 2011

                i am in jamaica and just recieve a modu phone from england but all it keep doimg is loading.i dont know what to do with it load and load untill the battery died all over again...hellllp.i love the phone,people cant believe its a phone cuz its so neat and thing

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                  • belifal
                  • t}a
                  • 28 Jul 2011

                  how many phone contacts memory?
                  realtime battery talk time??

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                    • rrence
                    • vaP
                    • 20 Jun 2011

                    my modu keep on restarting what should i do?

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                      • sG%
                      • 15 Jun 2011

                      how can i make sure that my modu is already full-charged? is it the battery display on the phone, that when its not making any movement and already full? or just remove it from charging after 2hrs? coz you dont want to over-charge it and let the battery be damaged? right? thank you.

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                        • AnonD-8584
                        • 0fu
                        • 16 May 2011

                        I've had this phone for a couple months now, but just recently filled up my SMS inbox (not sure how many since it doesn't give a count). I'm sorta disappointed that I'm not able to organize or transfer SMS messages into folders. I hardly use its 2gb capacity, it's a shame that I can't use some of that space to expand my inbox capacity.

                        Also--the PC suite software only seems to backup "contacts and options settings" when you do a backup. There is NO WAY to back-up, save, or manage SMS messages (this is an important feature to me). Your only option is to delete messages.

                        I am using modu PC Suite version that came with the installation CD. If my issues with SMS management or backups have been resolved with a latter version, PLEASE share a download link for it please. I have been unable to find any software updates online since the makers have gone out of business & no longer providing support for this product.

                        Thanks in advance!

                        @Ags -- yes it is available unlocked (but some are carrier locked). I bought mine on ebay, but I'm sure there are other retailers who are selling it online.

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                          • nYR
                          • 24 Apr 2011

                          where can i find the games??
                          i own the phone for close to a year now and i have no idea where they are.

                          the phone is very good the basic things you need.
                          the concept great, and everybody looks at you and doesn't believe it is a phone!!

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                            • Anonymous
                            • nYR
                            • 24 Apr 2011

                            I own the modu phone, close to a year now.
                            is a very good phone the basic stuff.
                            in the specifications it says that there are games,
                            * where are they *???
                            thank you

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                              • Qty
                              • 14 Apr 2011

                              Will it work in Canada? IF so, where can I buy one? Is it available unlocked?


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                                • Lyle
                                • vx4
                                • 04 Apr 2011

                                Opek, 02 Nov 2010You wrote: 1. Cons: the sound it is not very clear. 2. It... morehow did you solve them i have same problem and the media player wont start

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                                  • etok
                                  • vxt
                                  • 05 Mar 2011

                                  Opek, 02 Nov 2010You wrote: 1. Cons: the sound it is not very clear. 2. It... moresir how do solve your problem with your modu?
                                  you said that u resolve it.. we have the same issue with modu..tnx

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                                    • bit0
                                    • Yhf
                                    • 29 Dec 2010

                                    does anybody know if you can get a extended life battery for the modu? it almost seems like you can plug a battery pack onto the bottom of the phone, where the usb charges the internal battery.

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                                      • Opek
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                                      • 02 Nov 2010

                                      tavius, 23 Oct 2010I'm a new user, i've just got the modu handset metallic. I ... moreYou wrote:
                                      1. Cons: the sound it is not very clear.
                                      2. It restarts itself from time to time.

                                      I came across the same problems, but was able to solve them:
                                      1. Lower call volume by about 2 marks (speaker cannot handle max volume)
                                      2. Insert sim card deeper (not restarting anymore).

                                      I use black version (without jacket).
                                      In my opinion:

                                      + so small, you can put it anywhere.
                                      + all metal solid case.
                                      + looks great (not like a phone actually :))

                                      + great viewing angles
                                      + good resolution (and sharpness)
                                      - low visibility in sunlight
                                      - little greenish

                                      + simple, intuitive menu
                                      + all basic functions i need: sms, calendar, alarm, mp3, gallery (which i don't need :))
                                      + 1.7 GB storage
                                      + USB connection (and charging from laptop)
                                      + don't need application to manage files (mp3, gallery...)
                                      - slow sms typing [could be probably faster if you use one of supported languages [dictionary]: english, russian, romanian, portuguese, spanish]

                                      + good call quality [both ends] (perfect with attached headset)
                                      + good music (mp3) sound quality
                                      + fast USB data transfer
                                      - low battery life (~1-2 days) [not a problem if you use computer every day]

                                      I'm fully satisfied. I got more than I expected.

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                                        • tavius
                                        • n0t
                                        • 23 Oct 2010

                                        I'm a new user, i've just got the modu handset metallic. I quite happy because it is what i wanted: tiny phone, calls and sms. I need no more. As extra features we've got a sort of calendar reminders and bluetooth, also alarm. The text input for sms is quicker than expected for this phone, however, when you need to dial new phone numbers (not from sim), you really miss a full keypad, since the modu way makes it a bit slow for quickly phone calls. I don't use the mp3 feature but it is simple, don't ask too many options. Cons: the sound it is not very clear. It restarts itself from time to time. So far i have not found the way to pair the phone with the handsfree. The ring volume is a bit low for outdoors or noise indoors, so it is easy to miss some calls.
                                        In resume, if you need the phone for work purposes or need to stay connected all the time or, usually, talk on the phone all the time and want to take advantage of some of your carrier voice plans, this is not your phone; but if you are not a heavy phone user it is a good option as it will pass unnoticed in your pocket. My blog: