Modu phone is now selling in UK, costs 130 pounds

14 July, 2010

Do you remember the modular phone announced back at the MWC 2009? It's been selling in some markets for a couple of months now, but now it lands officially in UK with several of its jackets.

Modu phone is one of the smallest handsets out there with 1.3-inch OLED screen and only 7.8 mm. of thickness. It comes with a small keypad, 2GB non-expandable memory and Bluetooth.

Modu phone

Modu relies on the expandable and exchangeable jackets witch can turn it into a photo frame, sport accessory, pedometer or just a fashion bar phone.

Modu will be sold exclusively by PurelyGadgets and costs 130 pounds (155 euro). Most of the jackets are priced on 30 or 40 pounds, while the photo frame goes for 80 pounds and the sport jacket is 50.

Modu phone with photo frame and sport jackets

If you like the concept, here is some spicy info. Modu is preparing a new modular phone with touchscreen. It will also include a few jackets in its retail package. We are expecting Modu 2 to be announced soon and become available within the next year.



Reader comments

  • ravi kumar

peopls of 80's thinking.., came true now

  • Eilas

I got one already like 3 months ago from mobicity. It's kinda cool and I use when going out to the clubs etc but keys are too small for texting and I don't use the jackets much except for the photo frame.

  • Mobile_Enthusiast

A different concept, but I don't see the appeal. Certainly not with the currently available jackets, features and the price point. No 3G, No Wi-Fi, a tiny non-touch screen with a proprietary OS with no details on application support. No thanks.

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