New Sony Xperia Honami photos show a xenon flash

28 June, 2013

The Sony Xperia Honami is back in more spy shots – these show it from all sides and give us a much better look at the design. It looks like the device isn’t final though.

The back is quite interesting – it's built from some patterned matte plastic rather than glass, though that can change for the final version.

Anyway, the more interesting bit about this leak (and the smartphone itself for that matter) is the camera. The rumor is that the Honami features a big 1/1.6" sensor of 20MP resolution. Below it is a single-LED flash and on the right we see what might be a xenon flash. From yesterday's shot we assumed that it was a loudspeaker grill (it's about where it is on the Xperia ZL), but these more detailed shots show a big loudspeaker grill at the bottom (this is a slight departure from the current OmniBalance design).

Alleged 20MP camera and xenon flash • dedicated camera key * loudspeaker grill

The photos also show a dedicated camera key, which suits the camera phone personality of the Xperia Honami. There are also microSD and microSIM card slots on the sides, covered by flaps. Also, yesterday's leak showed the phone in White, so we have at least the two basic colors covered.

A 5" 1080p screen, according to rumors • microSIM and microSD card slots

Other than its impressive camera, the Android 4.2-powered Honami is rumored to have a 5" 1080p screen and a Snapdragon 800 chipset.

Yesterday we questioned if this is really the Honami with only a single-LED flash, but the xenon flash and camera key make it more convincing. There's still another issue though – a 1/1.6" sensor is quite big for a phone this thin, so we're keeping our pinch of salt.

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Reader comments

  • maybe

i hope sony will integrate an IR blaster, just like the xperia z tablet has.It would be nice.

  • AnonD-173549

SPEAKER this days r very important in large smart phones ...

  • AnonD-173549

the only thing i would love to have in this beautiful and powerful machine is a very nice good quality "{speaker}" , to avoid having to use headphone all the time , i hope sony think about it .

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