Moto X (2014) gets 1 million pre-orders in China in a few days

02 February, 2015

Last week Motorola officially started taking pre-orders for the Moto X (2014) in China, following the company's reentry into that market, which was announced earlier.

The latest Moto X went up for pre-order in China on January 27, and it seems to have become quite a hit over there. That's because Motorola's Chinese arm has unveiled that as of February 1 it has already received more than one million pre-orders for the device.

So the new Moto X is clearly going to be quite a success in China when it will finally be released. Speaking of which, it's still unclear when exactly that will happen.

When reading about pre-orders in China, you need to be aware that generally speaking these work differently over there than they do in other places. Most of the time, to pre-order (or reserve) a handset in China you do not need to make any payment at all - that will happen when the product you're trying to buy arrives in stock. This of course means that some fraction of the people who pre-ordered those one million Moto X units may change their minds and not purchase it after all.

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-356176

Still more newsworthy than the Nokia N1 adverts advertising their insane sell outs of 20k.

  • AnonD-209094

Its only to register your interest in the product and many Chinese do that without intent of buying. Moto is lucky if 10 to 15% of those turns into sales. Its more like "email me when this product is in stock".

  • AnonD-89109

It's a very decent phone, so people are ordering it, not really any 'news' here.