Motorola on Moto X line-up: It is "alive and well"

Himanshu, 11 June, 2016

If you recall, last month, there were reports that Motorola is planning to ditch its Moto X lineup in favor of a new 'Moto Z' branding. While the company did unveil a couple of Z series phones this week (Moto Z shown below), it has now confirmed that Moto X phones aren't dead.

Here is the full statement from Motorola:

Moto X is alive and well. In fact, Moto X Force recently launched in multiple new markets around the world. Moto X and Moto Z do share some great qualities, but they ultimately provide different experiences and make our portfolio more robust for consumers looking for the perfect smartphone to fit their needs. Tech-hungry consumers who are looking to get a brand new set of experiences from their smartphone will turn to Moto Z and Moto Mods.

What's worth noting here is that while the statement does make it clear that the company will continue selling existing Moto X phones, it doesn't explicitly say whether or not we'll see new phones in the line-up.



Reader comments

  • Yugam shah
  • 20 Oct 2016
  • BCK

Hey Moto I love your phone and I'm a mad fan of Motorola company 1st of all u should work on earphones give the best earphones in box and also work on the phone of lower budget take 1000 rupees more but give the best processor don't let give Chinese ...

  • AnonD-205566
  • 11 Jun 2016
  • 8EC

... wtf dude? Bringing that up un a piece of news from Motorola borders on disrespectful. I get it if you're sad, and I'm sorry, but this is not the place for that (at least in my opinion). Sadly these things happen, the world can be a very sick pl...

  • AnonD-525004
  • 11 Jun 2016
  • X{s

The most important question is if they will release regular updates which they haven't done since February and Android N which all Moto X users deserve.

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