Motorola ATRIX HD MB886

Motorola ATRIX HD MB886

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  • AnonD-71403

Is this available in pakistan ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2012Does it support 32GB "Class 10" Micro SD card?yes . micro sd up to 32 gigabite

  • vladpinoy

i'll choose this one over ip5.. good specs for a mid range phone..

  • liquid

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2012Does it support 32GB "Class 10" Micro SD card?my acer liquid from 2009-2010 support this card, why this one shouldn't support it

  • Anonymous

Does it support 32GB "Class 10" Micro SD card?

  • rjgrullon

Motorola released an update which adressed the batter life, it improved it really. It is my current phone and under heavy usage (3G, WiFi, Browsing, Gaming YouTube and Whatsapp) I got 10 hours exactly.

  • Anonymous

i love this phone

  • Anonymous

this is great phone .
awsome fast /
my friend buy it today .
and camera take picture like real camera . its realy great phone with excelent camera

  • Anonymous

this phone is great

  • Dennis Boots

The phone of my dreams...5 star in every way...I love it!

  • GreLI

After slow OS update on Droid/Milestone and the locked bootloader I'll think twice or more before purchasing Motorola devices. Especially when they left my home market.

  • slayer11

This or Galaxy s2 ??

  • AnonD-20306

Had the Atrix HD for a week. Performance wise, the phone was amazing, nonetheless, I returned it. Even after all the tweaks and using SmartActions and Juice Defender the battery life was just OK at best. The deciding part beyond that was that it seemed to take a long time to get to full charge when charging. Neither would have bothered me much if the battery was removable, but I knew it wasn't. Just wished for better battery performance. Took it back and reversed my upgrade. Will wait to see if anything better by Moto comes to AT&T. In the meantime, I am using my Atrix 4G, which has a removable battery and is still a pretty good phone after all this time. There is an OTA software update that Moto is giving the Atrix HD that is supposed to greatly improve the battery life. I will wait and see how it plays out before giving up my upgrade.

  • Anonymous

does it have usb on the go

  • tapeshwar

Nice phone, bt No redio...

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

AnonD-20306, 04 Sep 2012The battery may be considered "normal" in reviews onli... moresure
they must incloud beter battery . but look at other phone in the market . all htc phone have weak battery . samsug too .
motorola have good battery . just look at dify series - atrix 1 -2 maxx and ...

  • AnonD-20306

razr, 03 Sep 2012Look at GSM review. Battery is normal and even better than som... moreThe battery may be considered "normal" in reviews online, but in real use, it is average at best, which is not good if you can't replace the battery. I'm a Moto fan, but they should have put a bigger battery in this phone. The Moto RAZR XT910 and Droid RAZR ( not MAXX) have the same issue. This battery should have been at least as big as the Galaxy S3, which I believe is about 2100 mah. Even the HTC One X has a bigger battery and my friends that own one tell me the battery doesn't last long enough.

  • razr

koldmeat, 02 Sep 2012Battery should have been at least 3000 mah. Motorola should brin... moreLook at GSM review. Battery is normal and even better than some smartphone in the market­wn-of-motorola-atrix-hds-battery-life-test/

I must sell my raze and buy one matrix HD.
Thx moto. This duel core is more powerful than core phone in the market. With waaaay between screen

  • koldmeat

Battery should have been at least 3000 mah. Motorola should bring out Atrix HD Maxx just like Razr Maxx.