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  • Anonymous

very beter design than dext and beter features
how much price is this phone ?

i want one of this unique

  • Anonymous

first blood, 07 Jan 2010Android 1.5 ???"Upgradeable"?

Well, not sure what that means either.

Maybe they are going to provide an update a little after launch? because they had designed it to the 1.5 version?

  • Anonymous

hey guys i bet you this is my next phone
very nice phone

Mastermind from motoroal

  • Anonymous

Everything seems ok except the design. The QWERTY KEYBOARD is always exposed & there is every possiblility that the keypad gets damaged often.

  • Anonymous

woooaw gooood

  • Anonymous

Android 2.1, dual sim,xenon flash with kodak lense, stereo fm radio with rds? Btw, Qwerty is cool!

  • Anonymous

Via third party application
- Noise cancellation with dedicated microphone
great phone

  • Anonymous

copy of n97..

  • Anonymous

yaRCee, 07 Jan 2010looks like iphone but its quertyya very like iphone , nice design
and good Physical qwerty
wery well, nice design and features
i like this phone

  • Anonymous

totally iphone copy with keyboard instead of filp it should be flop

  • Anonymous

first blood, 07 Jan 2010Android 1.5 ???upgradable to android 2.1 like qlic

  • Fubar

A very ingenius design. I don't think its a brilliant idea to expose the wide qwerty keyboard all the time. There's nothing to it except the fact that you increase the possibility of shorter life expectancy of the phone because of the amount of dirt and grimes that the entire keyboard will accumulate. Their point of considering a wider keyboard area for the user does not justify the design applied to it.. It may get some consumers but with the design, it wont be too many unlike the other phones in the same criteria..

  • first blood

Android 1.5 ???

  • fagun

look at the back side man it is soo not cool

  • XXX

the front look like iPhone, and the design remind me of iMate Jasjar if i'm correct.

  • spawner

weird but cool hehe

  • Anonymous

another unique phone from Moto
hello Moto!

  • yaRCee

looks like iphone but its querty

  • Anonymous


  • some 15 year old

first!! what a wierd phone.