Motorola BACKFLIP soon to hit it off in Germany at 439 euro

4 April, 2010

Motorla BACKFLIP is a nice Android smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard in a one-off form factor. We just got word it's should be available in Germany ( and Mobilcom) any day now at a retail price of 439 and 499 euro respectively.

Amazon have it on preorder now but they should have in stock soon. Unfortunately, the Motorola BACKFLIP is stuck at Android 1.5 for now (although enhanced by the MOTO BLUR UI) and for that kind of money you'd probably be better off with HTC Legend (433 euro) or HTC Desire (480 euro).


If you're a hardliner fan of QWERTY keyboards and you are considering the BACKFLIP then by all means, check out our recent Motorola BACKFLIP review.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

milestone is best android in the market with qwerty slider

  • Anonymous

Spot on with the analysis gsmarena. Way better off with the HTC handsets at that price range than the Backflip. What is it with OEM's and their bizarre pricing these days? First SE thinks it's okay to shill the X10 for USD 770, with an OS that...

  • Anonymous

The Sony Ericsson X10 and HTC Desire is heaps better than the milestone, backflip watever else moto comes up with!

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