Motorola C115

Motorola C115

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  • lucas

c200 disguised... bad signal...

  • Alvaro

I bought this phone in Uruguay 1 week ago and is perfect for me. I like its design and sound quality.
For those who are asking for ringtones go to

  • paun laurentiu

What can I say about this product of MOTOROLA Company?!It is useful for making and receiving phonecalls and Ican say the same thing about the messages but you can't use it for nothig else.I'm waiting for new products from this Company.

  • Anis

Mtorola C15 is vrey wonderfull. It's very easy to useo.

  • shaz

I was thinkin of gettin this phone but im not quite sure as it is low on features ie;colour screen and ringtones but i think it is okay for a low budget but overall it has a cute design.

  • amine naoui

motorola c115 is vrey good your next mobil phone

  • Khurram Hussain

Well I bought this set six months ago, in beginning I have some problems with its usage.But pretty soon I became comfortable with it. Its a very cheap set costing only $38 with one year warranty. In my opinion its benefits are more and cost is less.

  • raza

well i bought this phone in march this year
it is my first ever set and it is an excellent product cheap yet has all the necessary features u can get for such a low price, voice clarity is amazing, unlike sony ericsson, nokia and blah blah works even in remote corners where signals on other cell phones do not reach in short an excellent choice

  • kalina

well..i hav this phone it good and all but I WANT RINGTONES i cant find ringtones for Motorola C115 anywhere
i also thought the design was a bit dodgy looks like a remote but if you like it.. good 4 you

  • Tayyab

hello.well i wanna say that c 115 is so decent cell fone i really like it but the problem is that can u tell me how to download the ring tones...i can't find any ring tone uptill now in my fone that is c 115
waiting 4 ur help

  • Faizi

aa, its a small & cheap Handset But Having a Lot of Comments on This forum, It Means Its good! But Having Ring Tones Problem, 2 days back i got a new c115, is it having a composer? if yes then mail me. AH

  • Zainab

As a 12-year-old, I feel safer with this in public, and not the latest 200 gadget with camera, WAP, etc. It does what it promises to do, and does it brilliantly... the iTap messaging is very useful! The calls sound clear, and performance is astonishing. Complete with an eye-catching design, good-value game (I have football!) and the cool cosmic blue backlight, my Motorola C115 is a wicked, reliable phone that won't break the bank!

  • ali

hi, is there same logos for motorola c115 please??

  • arshad

Well this is all in all a good phone. But is limited in features which is understandale being very cheap. It would have been for it if one could have added some ring tones to its memory. But it doesnt have this facility. Again a product with limited features but good in out put.

  • Kc

OK, but volume is too too low; and keys on keypad are way too small (I used to bigger keys for a man hands.)

  • Ali

it's a good phone. but i need some ringtones. so, if you have samething send it to me to this e-mail:

  • muneeb

Its really good small budget gsm set specially its talking time is so good

  • Ali

its a great set for those who want to use a mobile and not a camera/video MM etc. Has excellent shape/colour appearance. amazing battery time. I charge it only on weekends, easily gives a week time. And its casing is reallllyy unbreakable. The only problem with this set is its Ringtones, v.poor. but overall set is very good.

  • Romilton Silva

it's terrible phone, don't have ringtones, it's like a black soap....

  • george

a very good option for a small budget gsm phone